Super Animal Royale – The Bwoking Dead Ultimate Guide

A quick guide explaining strategies necessary to win in The Bwoking Dead.

Definitive Guide to The Bwoking Dead


We will cover:

  • Best Powerups.
  • Rich, Middle, and Poor Class.
  • Economy and Sharing.
  • Good Locations.
  • Bad Strategies.

The Bwoking Dead is a very hard (and balanced) alternate game mode in Super Animal Royale. Play starts with players waking up either infected or healthy. 4 people are infected for each game.

The healthy players wake up in random positions, in groups of 4 or 3. Players rush to grab supplies; this is when Rich, Middle, and Poor classes form.


Each player has a different play style, but a few key pointers are:

Have a short and long range weapon:

  1. Shotgun

The shotgun is perfect for zombie chickens because it can destroy them in 1 hit. Remember to always reload and find more ammo before running off to a new place.

  1. SMG

The SMG is great for zombies because it is quick to destroy and make zombies panic. Another plus is that it is also very quiet, which is why I prefer a rare SMG over a legendary silenced pistol.

  1. Jag-7

Nothing much to say about this, very similar to a shotgun; just better.

Very bad weapons:

  1. Dart Gun

Common sense is necessary here. You can basically guarantee your death using this device.

  1. Sniper Rifle

What if you miss? What will you do then? Dash off in search of safety?

Just keep away from this…. tool.


There are many different Powerups in SAR, but there are a few that can save you.

Listed best to worst:

  1. Ninja Booties

Simply good footwear can make you untouchable at the hands of 15 zombies.

  1. Claw Boots

Rakes in supplies quicker than you can walk. Nothing more to say.

Drop after you get all the supplies you need. Instead, grab Ninja Booties.

  1. Those Cup Powerups

Use these if you have nothing else, because you can heal pretty quickly using them.

Bananas & Basics

Use bananas, because:

Simply, banana stops zombie. You kill zombie while zombie tries to get up. Do not use grenades or anything else. Trust intuition. Nothing more to say.

By the way, get the most armored armor, grab the most health juice, and just get as much tape as you can.

Rich, Middle, Poor, Classes

As you start the game you wake up at a random position in the middle of … somewhere?

Everyone dashes over to the nearest house or tent and you are left with nothing. This is a great example of the classes.

  1. Rich class basically has all the tape, all the armor, a perfect set of weapons, and a good amount of luck.
  2. Middle class basically has 3/5 tape, 2 armor, and a 1/2 perfect set of weapons.
  3. Poor class has 0-1 tape, 0-1 armor, and maybe 1 weapon that they enjoy using.

Out of the 36 people that are playing healthy, 7 are Rich, 19 are middle class, and 10 are poor. This is where trading happens.

People will exchange things for other things that they need. But most of the time, it doesn’t work. A Rich player that has found 3 super tape will probably not lead or guide Poor and Middle class toward them. Instead, the tape will be destroyed in the skunk gas.

A Bad Example

The game starts:

  • 5 minutes pass and the score is still 36:4
  • 1 more minute passes: 35:5
  • Then: 30:10
  • Suddenly, it all stops. 3 more minutes pass and it is still: 30:10
  • Then, every 10 seconds, 1 more is killed.
  • Oh no! It is now 20:20
  • Pause…..
  • Then: 19:21
  • Suddenly it plunges down to 10:30.
  • Panic ensues in the surviving players.
  • People begin to run in random directions: 8:32
  • The last are destroyed: 0:40
  • This is a example of a bad outcome. A good outcome would be around 15:25 when the evacuation begins.

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