System Shock – En Passant Achievement Guide

Despite being labeled En Passant, the Achievement doesn’t involve any actual En Passant. You can get the Achievement using four moves.

How to Obtain En Passant Achievement

Chess Board Location

The Chess Board is located in the Level 6, Executive, Delta Grove.

The Board is right in the middle of the map.

Text Guide

  • Rook B7 to H7 (Rh7)
  • Queen C2 to G6 (Qxg6+)
  • Queen G6 to H5 (Qh5+)
  • Queen H5 to H6 (Qxh6#)

Video Guide

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  1. if doesnt work – i am assuming you have placed your fulton on one side making it tip and you fall off.

  2. TRU FACT, Since I started to do this when I completed a task mission I always extract to ACC in this way, too much fast than chopper.

  3. I was looking for the futon mattress in the pics above ,thought something was wrong with the pics.
    You can tell i haven’t spent much time in this game yet.

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