Tales of Maj’Eyal – How to Avoid Dying So Much

This tips will help you to survive more.

Useful Tips to Don’t Die

  1. Try to pull enemies to fight you in advantageous places instead of rushing at them. For example, if 3 enemies see you, retreat to a one tile wide hallway so only one can attack you while the others are stuck behind. If there are 3 mages, go around a corner to break line of sight and kill them as they round the corner instead of foolishly rushing them as they all fry you from afar.
  2. Always have a back-up plan to run away and escape, and don’t be too proud to retreat when things aren’t looking good. Movement infusion, rune of teleportation (risky because you might teleport next to something worse but get you REALLY far from the threat which is good), class skills that let you move quickly, etc. Sometimes, a situation is actually impossible… but just one more level or a good item, or just having your skills on cooldown would let you win. So come back later.
  3. Take time to think between turns. You have infinite time between each turn to pick the best move. Even the best players will miss something and screw up, possibly fatally, if they start trying to play too fast.

What I’m getting at here is rather than specific mechanical stuff, that you’ll figure out with practice, you should try to have the right mindset of being careful, being tactical, and not just running in mindlessly.

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