Satisfactory – Power Tips

Some of my tips when it comes to power.

Tips to Power

  1. When you make a power plant, make it in sections with a SINGLE wire bridging these sections.
  2. When pulling power out of the power plant to other factories, use a SINGLE wire that will branch off from there.
  3. Recommend this even as you branch out. Connect all factories via a SINGLE wire going in that branch out. There is zero need in having several connections all over. You can even follow this logic for differing floors of a factory. Single line going between floors and then on that floor the cable goes out to all machines on that floor.

These tips can help you if you do blow a fuse. As you can remove a single wire to isolate say your coal power plant, and removing of another can isolate a small section of that planet, enough to jump start it with bio generators, then as that power comes on, can reconnect to the rest of the coal line, and from there reconnect everything else bit by bit.

If you have unlocked power switches under the Caterium tree in the M.A.M. you can put it between each single wire so instead of removing wires you can just flip switches.

Thankfully they are giving us a fuse box like system so if the powers lost we don’t look all power globally, only power to stuff less vital. But even so I will always devide my power and use a single line out from my power plants so if something happens, I can restart everything bit by bit.

Bio gens kickstarting 4 coal plants that has a bin of backup coal to help and 1 water extractor, that kick starts half of the total coal plant plus the miners bringing in the coal for the whole set up, and that half kickstarts the other half. Once that’s all restarted that helps kick start the fuel plant, that I have set up in groups of 8. Each helping to kick start the next batch. Once all that’s back up THEN I work on reconnecting each factory, checking the power after each one until either the system is stable or I find where I went over my power limit and cue plans for a new power plant.

Yes this does mean a LOT of running around. But that is pretty much how I kickstart stuff.

If your powers out in full, I say use this time and clean up your writing, make it easier on you to find out where each power plant is connected to. You do not need everything connected to everything. A single line from place to place is all you need, and makes it a LOT easier as you don’t have to guess how many lines might be hooked up to unwanted stuff when your trying to deal with power.

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