Tarisland – Ancient Tree Raid Guide

How to Beat Ancient Tree

Phase #1

Flower Ray

The boss room has 4 flowers, one in each direction. When the phase starts, two flowers shoot rays at the boss. If the rays hit the boss, it gets stronger and hits the tank harder. To stop this, one DPS needs to stand in each ray. After getting hit 6-7 times, they should switch with their partner. Before fighting the boss, make sure each DPS knows where to stand and who their partner is.

Some tips: Mages can use damage reduction skills to take more than 6-7 hits from the rays. Warrior tanks also have an AoE damage reduction skill that can help.

Locations of Flower Rays marked by blue arrows and the 4 flowers marked by red circles:

Natures Shock:

Nature Shock targets 1 – 3 random raid members. The targets will have circles under their characters. After a one second cast time the vines will attack. Targets must move away from Nature Shock to avoid the damage.

Blade Barrage:

Blade Barrage releases a 45 degree fan shape with a 25 meter radius. Will always target the tank, so tank the boss facing away from the raid/flowers.


Piercing grows a small root pile under the Tank with threat. While having this debuff, any damage taken by the tank will heal the boss. The second Tank taunts Gruft and the first Tank makes sure to dodge all mechanics = dont take any damage

Wild Growth:

Wild Growth hits (AoE damage) in a ring around the boss. The ring gets bigger 3 times. If you get hit, you take damage and can’t move for 4 seconds.

Tip for healers and ranged DPS: Stand just outside the first ring. Then you only need to take a few steps forward to avoid the second and third rings.

Summon Mushroom:

The boss will spawn a Mushroom Minion at the edge of the map that will move slowly towards the boss. If the Mushroom Minion makes it to Gruft he will heal.

Note to DPS > All DPS should target the mushroom. If a dps cannot reach it because they are soaking the Flower Ray that is ok.

Phase #2

Rage of Nature:

Rage of Nature has a 5 second cast that deals AoE damage to the entire raid. AoE Dmg and moves to Phase 2.


Gruft will choose a random player in the raid including tanks and place a debuff, this debuff does damage over time and will spread if the person is in the raid. Make sure if you receive pollinate to run out of the raid (Purple Circle). After 2 Rounds of Pollinate, the boss will rinse and repeat back to Phase 1.

I hope you found this helpful!

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