Tarisland – Warrior Quick Guide

Beginners Guide for Warrior Class

By RoyalkubsTV.

This guide is expecting you to know a little bit about the Warrior class; I won’t be going over the skills and what they do. More, the build to use; Why we do and Don’t take some Skills. The Rotation and to Finish up the current Inscription Stones. It is worth noting that I am purely a “F2P” player.

This build will pull around 2050 DPS ST on the Dummy and 3000-5000 DPS AOE. I usually range around 2600-2800 DPS overall on the Merfolk King Elite Raid Boss.

Firstly; Credentials. Most of you have seen the guide already however this build was initially used to get the fastest time on the leaderboards and will update after tonights push.


The Stats for this build at the moment are follows.

31% Combo > Focus > Hit (210 for the lvl 40 raid) > CD > Omni 

31% Combo is used to hit the 34% breakpoint when we have Infinite Rage active. Pushing for 34% Combo at the moment is only worth it if you can hit the breakpoint without dropping talent points. As the talent points have more value elsewhere.

Omni, CD and Crit at this point are not worth targeting. This will change when we are closer to the 100-110 Item level bracket Where you will want to start hitting CD caps.

For “Workshop Upgrades” Make sure you Empower your weapon with the 105 Focus as this increases the damage quite significantly.


  • “High Energy Potion” These are a +84Attack for 10 seconds. They are 20g Each on the Market. I recommend Using these on Progression pulls if you can afford.
  • You should use “Attack Potions” On all Elite Content. These are 5-6g each on the Market and will give you +12 Attack. There are more Expensive but im F2P.
  • Team Potion Basin “Cauldron” is available on the Market for 200g per. +12 attack for whole team; Stacks with Pot
  • Gems; Red: Strength, Yellow: Combo

Furious Stab vs Final Strike

A Fresh 90 Item Level; level 40 is currently doing around 2050 Single Target with Final Strike. That drops to around 1850 with Furious Stab. That is around a 10% Damage loss unfortunately.


32 AOE Talent Points

32 ST Talent Points

After Extensive Testing this build is the most Optimal for almost all content. On some RARE occasions it is worth swapping Blade Cyclone+ 3/3 for Cross Assault 3/3; This is only in Pure single Target. For most people I would advise AOE build for most content.

ST Talent Value Breakdown

So; To try and simplify this to the best of my ability. Each Talent has a %Value. This means the % damage increase that talent will give you per point. For single target.

  • Rage: Build Defining
  • Final Slash: 1.99%
  • Wrathful: 1% Flat (1.04% at 25% Cap, 1.06% at 34% Cap)
  • Berserk Blow: Build Defining
  • Assault of Fury Blade: 5.955% (1.155% + 4.8% Fury Blade)
  • Blade Cyclone+: 0.695% (0.5%+0.195%) (Accurate)
  • Blade Cyclone+: 1.18% (0.5%+0.68%) (On CD)
  • Rage: 1.275% (only 85% damage is done in rage)
  • Furious Stab: Not this Build
  • Cross Assault: 1.74%
  • Fury Blade +: 1.4% (0.7% %Inc +0.7% Hit Proc)
  • Cross Slash: 1.12% (0.49% Damage + 0.626% Wrath)
  • Final Direct: 0.9%
  • Armor Penetration: 0.93 (0.53% + 4% Combo (0.358)
  • Wrath Speed: Zero and I’m Selfish.
  • Infinite Rage+: 0.71% Attack Bonus (+1 Wrath / Outbreak)
  • Rampage: 1.7% (only 85% damage is done in rage)
  • Wrath Outbreak: 1.269%

Inscribed Stones

As Far as Inscribed Stones go; Nobody knows what is best. We are all just trying to figure it out. I’m doing extensive testing with Focus and CD Reduction today. The best thing I can advise is to do the following and then keep putting points in “Combo” until we do some more testing.

As far as the Emblems; the Highest Performing for me has been Warlike Surge > Sprawl > Burst > Out of Control > Strive.


Some people wanted an easier to Control Guide and Rotation. So this is a Simplified Version.

You want to engage as soon as possible so use gap closers (Dash/Charge) or start near the target. If you are in AOE encounters you can start with Blade Cyclone as long as they are grouped. **You may feel the Urge to want to Armor Penetration and then Blade Cyclone for the 10.5% damage increase + 10% on that initial Target. Do not do it. Its a Bait. It will cause your damage to massively fall off after the fact. 

Priority List Rotation

  1. Always Open with Armor Penetration to Activate Rage.
  2. Cast Fury Blade (only if rage is active).
  3. Cast Final Strike.
  4. Cast Cross Slash.
  5. If all Above on Cooldown. Use Blade Cyclone. Cancel Blade Cyclone when Final Strike comes off Cooldown. (You can Cancel it with the Esc Key, Cannot be canceled on Phone).

Perfect Opener

Charge > Armor Penetration > Fury Blade > Final Strike > Cross Slash > Fury Blade > Cross Slash

This is to get all abilities on Cooldown to increase your Rage Uptime. It makes a 15-20% Difference. If you use Infinite Rage make sure to you it AFTER Armor Penetration for more uptime.

Gameplay FAQ

F2P vs P2W

You said you are F2P, Is the game P2W?

World of Warcraft has Wow Tokens, that you can sell for gold. What can you do with that gold? You can buy gems and Enchants. Eve Online has Plex. That you can Sell for Gold. What can you do with that gold? Buy ships and upgrades. This game has tokens you can buy and sell for gold. What can you do with that gold? You can buy gems and Enchants. Its no different.

This game feels no more P2W than any other MMO on the market. For a Gacha game this is actually quite tame. Though, I intend on staying P2W unless something really catches my Eye. 


I Disagree with you! Your build is wrong! 

Everything on this document is of my own opinion, you are welcome to make your own and actually I promote it! Try new skills; Feed back to the community. I’m almost positive there will be things that I have missed. I’m only human.

Is Commander Not Worth Taking?

Commander gives 1% Combo, this means it gives roughly 1% damage per point. The whole 3/3 Talent is only worth 3% damage. Now there are specific reasons I would consider this talent such as if it was to hit the next breakpoint on “Wrath Desire” – Passive. But we will have to see.

Is Blade Cyclone+ Really Worth it?

People seem to have true hatred towards this talent; I personally love having the filler, I love having the ability to Cleave in Dungeons and Raids (Gnolls and Harpies?). However if you don’t like it feel free to run 3/3 Cross Assault.

Why Don’t you run Furious Stab?

A Fresh 90 Item Level; level 40 is currently doing around 1700 Stingle Target with Final Strike. That drops to around 1350-1400 with Furious Stab. It isn’t even close at the moment as what makes it worse is that Final Strike appears to scale better with gear. I don’t believe Furious Stab will be viable until buffs occur.

Why Don’t you run Direct Final?

Final Strike is around 10% of your total Damage in pure ST (Less in AOE), 20% Chance to hit twice is just a 20% Damage increase. Meaning the Talent is worth 2% Damage. Really Low Value Talent. Some much better ones we can take.

Why Don’t you run Armor Penetration+? 

Armor Penetration does around 5-6% of your total damage. That means increasing it by 30% is only a 1.5-2% DPS increase. The 8% Combo does not get affected towards Wrath Desire so the 2 points do not give enough Value for a 30 second cooldown.

Why Don’t you run Wrath Spread?

Because we are not a META Class. We are not S-tier. We have to make due with what we have. Dear God am I pulling as much out of this class as I can. But we need every point. In our Speed Runs for Challenge Mode I do have to run this ability. To run it I remove the 2 Points out of Rage. Its a 3% DPS loss for me but a DPS gain for the group.


What Emblems are the best

As far as the Emblems; the Highest Performing for me has been Warlike Surge > Sprawl > Burst > Out of Control > Strive. However they do not make as much of a difference as you would hope; 1-3% each at max. The main benefit from them comes from the “Additional Effect” Such as +50% to node or +16 Combo.

I rank Out of Control Higher as it’s better at 2+ targets and it will do more damage overall.

Do you know the best route to take yet? 

As soon as I do I will put it up for you onto the Guide. But we have 100s of combinations to test so its a Work in Progress. 

Are the Core Skills worth taking?

The first one seemed to have a large impact on my damage; However the second one did not seem to effect me at all. I think we need to get some more points and test at level 40.


Do you PvP? 

Yes I PvP; Warrior is very Niche but actually fun in PvP. I will eventually expand on a PvP Guide too but I need to wait and see how the builds play out first.


Is Geming and Empowering Important?

Its a Game. If you want to Mix-Max sure. Will it increase your DPS? Yes. If you are just playing Casual and don’t want to push it, Then don’t. Your Choice.

Why don’t you use Expensive Potions?

Because I’m F2P, I farm my own gold and they are expensive. If the 1% Combo would allow me to hit a breakpoint and I was doing “Push” Content. Then I would 100% have them.

Rotation and Spells

Why don’t you mention Inscribed Stone Skill?

Inscribed Stone Skill (Number 7) Is actually a really complex mechanic. To optimize it correctly you need to ensure you are just entering Rage. With 2x Fury Blade and also 2x Cross Slash available. I could write a guide on that mechanic by itself. However it works out at about a 40 DPS difference over a 3 minute fight. So for 99% of the playerbase. Just press it when you are bursting with Rage.

What Ultimates do you use? 

I always use; Dash, Charge and Slam. Movement is Key for Melee so both Dash and Charge are insanely valuable and then Slam for an interrupt. I cannot think of any situation where I would not want to have these three abilities. If you do have an encounter where you do not need an interrupt you can swap to Winning Hunger for a free 30% Potion. But personally I just keep Slam.

Why Does Furious Stab do less Damage?

Great Question! It shouldn’t. On Paper Furious Stab is better than Final Strike in almost every way. Buffs our main skill and even gives more Wrath. But it just doesn’t work out like that. Sometimes new isn’t always better. 

Is Cross Slash+ Working as Intended?

People were questioning if Cross Slash+ was Working. I did some extensive testing. Without it; a Zero Wrath Cross Slash; Does 1 Wrath as seen by Photo 2. However with it; It grants 2 Wrath as seen by Photo 2. Its definitely working from my testing. Cross Slash gives 9% Damage on a 19% Overall so 1.7% Damage increase. The 1 Extra Wrath per 10; Is an 11% Increase overall on Fury Blade damage. Averaging around 11% of 37% so 4.07%. Meaning the Talent is worth 5.77% Damage increase. Not taking into account the 11% extra uptime on Rage+ and Rampage. Deffo worth taking.

How has Infinate Rage+ and Wrathful Outbreak changed our Rotation? 

Infinite Rage+ 1/2 Allows us to have 1 additional cast of Cross slash; Working out at a 1 Wrath increase. The 2nd point is only for the extra 4.5% overall Attack and for Wrath outbreak the 1 second itself isn’t a great help.

Wrath Outbreak itself makes a huge difference; You need to monitor your Wrath during that phase otherwise you will over-cap on Fury Blade and not realise.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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