Teardown – Advanced Robotic Warfare Guide

Please note: All credit goes to A Toyota Prius with a Minigun!

This will teach you how to strike fear in your robotic opponents and use advanced robotic combat tactics.

Guide to Robotic Warfare

The Planning

First in order to perfectly defeat your Robotic foe you must gather intel on them this can be done by watching their every move and planning feel the magic of taco bell and in the words of rick astley: “You know the rules and so do I so say goodbye”.

The Baby Stuff

These tactics are mediocre so unless this bores you listen closely.

First option is to make your opponent.

Second option is to use a pathetic little crane:

Normal Ideas

Your first option in this category is to use explosives to destroy the floor:

Second is to tear all stairs in a room down and make it impossible for them to escape until disposed of:

IQ After Playing 15 Minutes of Hunt Down the Freeman

First is to think hard about rockets then apply that to a robot:

Second is to simply spam an RPG:

Third is to be 10,000 times more smart than Einstein and somehow use the phys gun to shove it in the wall:

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