The First Descendant – Weapon Modifier Bench Strat Guide

How to Use Weapon Modifier Bench

  1. Lock the attributes you want to keep (just click it once and a LOCK icon will appear).
  2. “Roll” the unlocked attributes for a chance at the available affixes on the lower left.

Note: Some affixes, when locked, will prevent other affixes from being rolled because they take the same affix slot. Example: ATK dmg vs (monster type) will lock out all other monster types.

  1. Rinse and repeat until you get either a) the desired affixes or b) the desired QUALITY of affixes. The color coding (blue, purple, yellow) are the low/mid/high quality range of that affix’s roll possibilities. In the screenshot, the affix itself isn’t what makes it yellow or high quality, but rather the fact that it was a high roll of that affix.

A couple ways to use this strategy to curate weapons for yourself, make something like:

  1. Just for colossi fights, and make a different one for each colossi. (Use a poison + crushing assault rifle for Stunning Beauty- the L22 colossi, for example)
  2. Designed to clear specific trash, or for specific mob types in certain regions. (vs. Order of Truth, as an example)
  3. A “shield-breaker” weapon, then when the shield is removed you swap to a weapon for that fight
  4. A high Crit Hit Damage sniper for the stun phase of some fights while the boss isn’t moving so you can get some great shots off.

Note: The cost of this process varies and you can “research” or loot the required materials. The required materials are always shown before you commit to the re-rolling of affixes.

Good luck!

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