The Last One Month – General Combat Tips (Battle System and Boss Battle)

Combat suggestions in general, as well as the final boss battle in The Last One Month game.

Tips to Combat

Battle System

  1. During combat, you only have 5 seconds to decide what you want to do in your turn. When you’re in the lobby, try reading up player skills and NPC information in the encyclopedia ahead of time so you can make rapid decisions when the time comes.
  2. If two characters are the same size, you can swap their locations.
  3. If you utilize charge, your charge level will rise by one and you will be able to employ skills that correspond to your charge level. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to diminish your charge level on your own.
  4. When you use defense, you earn a buff that boosts your defense by 30% until the next turn of the character.
  5. During fighting, you can use escape to avoid dangerous situations. If you have a flash grenade in your inventory, you can rapidly exit fight.

Boss Battle

  1. If you are the last surviving member or alliance, you will be given a royal present that will aid you in the boss battle. First place will go to the player who causes the most damage to the boss.
  2. The boss will not be affected by any status effects or debuffs. If you’re getting ready for the boss fight. Please keep in mind that some of his strikes provide AOE damage or hit random characters in the formation.
  3. The Critical Chance of NPCs is based on the player’s stat. Your NPCs will have a high critical probability if your character does.
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