The Last One Month – Survival Tips

Survive in the universe of The Last One Month with these game tips.

Useful Tips to Survive

NPC Recruitment

You can try to recruit as a companion or bribe them by using the gold gained from the world. If you fail to recruit, you will enter a battle with the NPC. Don’t forget! When you fail bribing them, you won’t be fighting them, but they will ask for more gold to join you.

Near the starting point, you can only find low to mid-grade NPC. Mythic grade NPCs are not around. We advise you to start from recruiting lower NPCs and change them to Hero and Mythic as you level up and make your powerful formation!

The alignment and the level gap between the player and the target NPC will affect the probability of recruiting NPCs.

  • The NPC’s rank goes up in the order of Beginner/Expert/Explorer/Hero/Mythic. Higher the rank of NPC equals higher overall stats. Also as you get closer to the center of the world, the higher-level NPCs will be.
  • When your companion’s proficiency becomes full, you can strengthen your companions by either upgrading or adding new skills in the formation management window.

Equipment Items and Consumables

Equipment items include weapons, armor, and accessories. The value of the option that is added to an equipment item is determined by the equipment level

You can throw a bomb at enemies, which will significantly reduce their movement speed.

  • Smoke grenades allow you to hide your location. You can either use smoke grenades to chase your opponents or run away from them.
  • You can also drink a fresh breeze portion or strong gust portion to increases movement speed in order to close the distance with your opponent.

Using these consumables well will help you chase your opponents.

Blink Scroll allows you to move almost instantly, but can only move shorter distance than teleport scroll.

Teleport scroll allows you to move a great distance, but it takes some time before you actually move to the target location. Please be wary of other opponents when using them.

Class System

As you level up your character, basic abilities and skills become stronger, and you can change your class at levels 4, 8, and 12.

If you change to a higher tier class you can use more powerful skills, along with a variety of passive skills that help you in the battle.

  • One of the most important things of all, please be mindful about primary weapon you could use with each class. You could choose from a few weapons in 1st and 2nd class However, when you reached level 12, and choose your 3rd Class Change, each available class only uses one primary weapon. Please remember that without a primary weapon that matches your class, you can’t use any skills.

Darkness Erosion

It is a quite familiar mechanism to those players who played other battle royale games before. One of the main differences is that you won’t lose your health in the zone.

When you enter the erosion zone, the erosion stack increases at regular intervals. When you reach 10 stacks, the Darkness Army will attack you. Once you get trapped by the dark army, it’s hard to get out of it, so please be careful of these zones in advance.

  • Please remember that farming chests or recruiting NPCs in these erosion zones will not be possible. You will have to face the Darkness Army every 10 seconds and fight against them for survival.
  • When you are being chased by an opponent, it would be the last option to step into the erosion zone to avoid further pursuit.
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