Monster Hunter Rise – Rare Endemic Life Guide

Some offhand remarks and screenshots regarding the mythical/rare endemic life forms to discover.

Guide to Rare Endemic Life Forms

Snow-Faced Fox

  • Location: Shrine Ruins – Night
  • Note: Likes to sit atop a gate. It is a fox, alright! (reference to Japanese shrine fox)
  • Special: High-five friendly! Cool fox!


  • Location: Frost Islands – Night
  • Note: They are more of a background character – as in: watch the coast. They are so big, you can hardly miss it ever if it spawns. The Monksnail was my first rare creature I have found, simply due the noise it makes when it is traveling ~
  • Special: Greets you back when you wave them!


  • Location: Flooded Forest – Sunset
  • Note: Entrance to the shrine which is located at the grand temple needs to be bombed open
  • Special: Cool snake! High-five! Can also dance…?


  • Location: Sandy Plains – High Noon
  • Note: Rather easy to find within the ruins during day time, due to its special pedestal.


  • Location: Lava Caverns – Daybreak
  • Note: Almost as easy to find as Regitrice due to its special location.
  • Close surroundings is very rich in ore.

Veteran Hunter’s Tip

When you are looking for these rare creature specifically, you can easily reload a mission or expedition should they not spawn. The creatures do not spawn always, based on my personal experience.

Therefore no need to doubt yourself when you do not find them on your first try!

Just try it again next time!

Written by アンジェル

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