The Last Spell – How to Defeat Lakeburg Boss

Tips to Beat Lakeburg Boss

All credit goes to AirBart0!

Lakeburg boss comes in three waves, similar to the Harpies, where each successive boss is triggered by defeating the one before it. Unlike the Harpies, all three will spawn in the top upper right quadrant.

There’s no specific build you need to go for, although high damage/high crit range that can pick the heads off as they spawn is probably ideal.

Lakeburg felt significantly more manageable once I had quite a few more unlocks, particularly related to character quality/level ups. I went from needing two characters to chew through the armor and injure the boss to needing one to solo kill it in a single round and still have some energy left over.

The advice above about building single target damage is good. Unlike some other bosses it is helpful to have some ranged single target damage for the turns it spawns out in the lake.

The single target builds are just for the boss. This is where Lakeburg gives you some flexibility. If you have the Inn fully upgraded you should have access to 6 heroes, I usually build my group:

  • 2x Single target guys with primary job of killing the boss, they camp near the docks.
  • 2x Crowd control heroes to defense the 2 south sides of the map alone. These could be Poison, propagation, multi hit, stun builds, whatever floats your boat.
  • 2x My two weakest heroes (I try to make them good, but sometimes they just get bad rolls and bad weapon luck). These guys defend the 2 north edges and get help from the single target guys on turns when the boss isn’t present.
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