The Magical Mixture Mill – How to Defeat Honeycombs

Tips to Defeat Honeycombs


Keyboard/mouse controls, don’t know controller mapping

  • Right click with axe will give you a temporary buff that 2-shots the trees.
  • Space bar (hold to aim) will teleport you a short distance and attack everything around you with the current tool.
  • Either of these will on their own will usually be enough to safely wipe out isolated hives.

Also if you take out the tree that a swarm of bees came from, that swarm instantly dies – so it’s fine to be under attack by one swarm if you can destroy the tree before it kills you.

The axe buff with right click is essential. Use it, run in and two shot the tree, the bees stop attacking the moment the tree goes down so if you’re moderately fast you can kill the tree before passing out. I can usually kill 2-3 bee tree’s before my powerup ends.

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