The Planet Crafter – How to Get Iridium

In this guide, we will be talking about how to find the funny slightly red ore!

Guide to Getting Iridium

Ways to Get Iridium

There are 3 ways we can get Iridium! Mining: Getting the ore from natural deposits. Taking: Getting Iridium from storage crates. And meteorites: Its the same as mining, but if you do certain stuff, you can get iridium from meteorites. We will be covering Mining first.

Getting Iridium: Mining

In case your unaware, this is what natural iridium actually looks like. Now, you can find natural Iridium in two different paths (that I know of).

1 requires you to go this path

Once you go there take a right

After that, you should see a cave, and then you will be able to mine pure iridium!

2 you need to go up here and take a left.

After that, you should see what looks like a waterfall, go there.

Woohoo! You found another Iridium deposit!!

Getting Iridium: Taking

The 2nd way of finding iridium is by taking it from storage containers. I don’t have any pictures cause there is a lot. But you should be able to find Iridium by taking it from many storage containers from wrecks and crash sites.This task is pretty easy, but you do need a few oxygen tanks.

Getting Iridium: Meteorites

While this is the same as mining, to get iridium meteorites is a whole other story. First of all you need to have the launch pad Once you get there, make sure you have all the parts and select the Magnetic Field Protection rocket. After that, there should be meteors! Go to a meteor and there should be at least two iridium!

In Conclusion/Tips

While iridium is one of the rarest ores in the game, it can be found quite easily if you know where to look! Mining, taking, and meteorites are a great way to find them. Make sure you have plenty of oxygen tanks or some oxygen upgrades!

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