The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Beginners Tips

We’re here to try and help guide you through your first few matches. Read on in the thread for a brief breakdown by role.

Tips for New Players


Leatherface starts off in the basement and the main goal in the early match is to flush those Victims out. Use your chainsaw to destroy doors, barricades, and crawl spaces to eliminate routes for the Victims.


The Cook spawns upstairs in the house and has a couple tasks early on to accomplish. Move through the house adding your extra padlocks to key doors while stopping to gather blood for Grandpa when you come across it. Cook can easily get Grandpa to level one in a single blood run.


The Hitchhiker spawns on the outside of the house, and is in a prime spot to take care of a vital first task: powering up the exits. Turn on the power to the grids at the front and rear exits, while stopping to place traps at key locations.


Make sure you’re making use of the items around you, but also the environment. Shut off the lights, disable noisemakers, stab Family members in the back with bone scraps. There’s more to do than it might seem at first, and as the Family gets to know the game better, you’ll need to too.

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