Viking Rise: Valhalla – Tips to More Efficient Farming

The Art of Farming


Here is a tier list of commanders for farming. For strict farming purposes, commanders should be levelled up to level 25 and not above. Start with the blue ones. Squad base is a good place to level up the farming commanders.

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To maximise the farming speed, equip and upgrade your farming commanders with the following equipment.

Units and Research

Porters are the units to be used for farming. It is their only purpose. They should not be used for rallies. Porters T1 are enough at this state of the game : training porters T2/3 or above costs much more for a limited impact when you can have many porters T1 quickly and for few resources.

Troop Load is the main research you should focus on, then everything that increase the speed for gathering resources.


You should be always farming. So you should always be under the buff that increases gather efficiency by 50%. The item is easy to find if you complete the quests everyday.


To increase gathering speed, you can grab specific runes that appear when killing octopuss / turtles. Only one rune can be active at a time. Their duration is of 6 hours. There are ressource specific gathering speed runes and generic ressource gathering speed runes.

Example of a Rune:

Useful Tips

Always farm inside tribe territory. Your farming speed is increased when you farm inside territory (by at least 25%) and it provides ressources to the tribe (required to build flags for example).

Finish your node. If you let an unfinished node, it prevents another node to pop. Moreover it is very unpleasant for other players. So please be sure the charge of your troop is big enough to farm the node completely. If it is not : be sure to send again your troop to farm the remaining ressource.

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