Total War: Warhammer III – Modding Start

How to Get Started

All credit goes to Czechurself !

Download RPFM from GitHub, and close Warhammer 3.

Launch RPFM, allow it to download schemas/templates when prompted.

In RPFM, navigate PackFile > Preferences > Settings , check Allow Editing of CA Packfiles.

Make a backup of SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER III\data\data.pack

Navigate PackFile > OpenPackfile, select SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER III\data\data.pack

Select PackFile > SavePackFile

Launch Warhammer 3, you will see an “!” next to saves indicating they detect the data.pack has changed since they were created.

Rift Edits

In RPFM PackFile_Contents, navigate Script > Campaign > wh3_main_chaos > realms > wh3_realm_common.lua

In the text file, modify line 94, 98, 101, 104, and 105 desired.

Its in the same Script > Campaign > wh3_main_chaos > realms > wh3_realm_common.lua right under where the rift timing settings were.

-- trigger ursuns roar event
return not are_any_rifts_open(true) and (cm:turn_number() == 38 or cm:get_saved_value("ursuns_roar_available"));
cm:set_saved_value("ursuns_roar_available", true);

local chance = cm:get_saved_value("chance_to_trigger_ursuns_roar") or 10;
local roll = cm:random_number(100);

out.chaos("Turn " .. cm:turn_number() .. " - Trying to trigger the Ursun's Roar event, rolled " .. roll .. " - if this is lower than " .. chance .. " then we'll proceed");

if roll <= chance then
cm:set_saved_value("chance_to_trigger_ursuns_roar", false);
cm:set_saved_value("chance_to_trigger_ursuns_roar", chance + 10);
======== return not are_any_rifts_open(true) and (cm:turn_number() == 38 or cm:get_saved_value("ursuns_roar_available"));

^ It will start to give a growing chance for every turn after the number here.

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