Uncharted Waters Origin – How to Set Sail

Head over to the Harbor in order to learn more about how to set sail and the necessary preparations.

Guide to Set Sail


Start your voyage into the sea by visiting the Harbor located in each port.

Either manually navigate to the harbor or select [Mini Map] → [Harbor] from the top-right corner to travel automatically.

After arriving at the Harbor, the fleet’s current overall load and estimated sailing period can be viewed before setting sail for a final checkup.


Before setting sail, purchase supplies and recruit crews for the fleet or repair damaged ships from the Harbor.


Check the current stock of supplies or purchase Food, Water, Materials and Ammo from the Harbor.

Food & Water

  • Food and Water are consumed every day during a voyage.
  • When you run out of Food and Water, the number of crew slowly decreases.
  • Without enough crew members, the ship may become unable to sail.


  • Required to make emergency repairs when a ship’s durability is reduced due to battles and disasters.


  • More damage can be dealt to the enemy fleet during Naval Battles when there are more ammo available.

Trade Goods

  • Trade Goods can be purchased from the Market located in each ports.
  • Carrying more trade goods in a single trip will bring about more profit.

Use the Set Ratio function to set how much of each supplies to stock up based on the characteristics of each ship.

Recruit Crew

Check the number of crews currently aboard ships. Replenish the number of crews lost from naval battles or disasters by recruiting and assigning them to the ships in your fleet.

Only the Normal Recruit cost is required to recruit up to the maximum number of crews that are available at each port.

But if the recruitment number exceeds the maximum limit, the additional crews are considered to be recruited urgently for a higher cost.


Ships with damaged durability can be repaired by paying with Ducat.

The durability of a ship can be reduced due to naval battles or disasters.

If a ship’s durability falls to 0, that ship is rendered unable to sail.

If your fleet includes a ship with insufficient durability, it must be repaired before setting sail.

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