Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – Clan Cultural Unlocks Guide

Guide to Clan Cultural Unlocks

Unlocks for a culture are governed by cultural expertise. Such expertise is chosen when the world first generates and in rare instances can be granted through gifts. Once our Wayfarer steps into the world, you can see all these attributes in Quests -> Clans.

  • Crusader Shield (Sandreider relic) – Martial Traditions: Shields.
  • Long Claw (Wulfmane relic) – Martial Traditions: Axes.
  • Judgement (Sandreider relic) & Seal – Martial Traditions: Swords.
  • Last Answar – Martial Traditions: Polearms.
  • Kelkos Arc – Martial Traditions: Bows.

Certain backgrounds depend on clan expertise in the subject:

  • Gate Guard – military expertise (May be related to Martial Traditions).
  • Turnip Farmer – farming expertise (Can be granted with Giant Turnip, see Gifted Backgrounds section below).
  • Farland Hunter – hunting expertise (Appears for clans in forest & plains biomes).
  • West Wind Trader – mercantile expertise (Appears for Alzmidda or clans in a plains biome).

Such expertise can also modify which races are available during Wayfarer creation:

  • Desert Dweller expertise – Unlocks Bartoks as a race for the clan.
  • Swamp Dweller expertise – Unlocks Froads as a race for the clan.
  • Forest Dweller expertise – Unlocks Fliss as a race for the clan.
  • Mountain Dweller expertise – TBD.

Farland Hunter

This one gets unlocked by hunting expertise. The background really fits the feel of being a self-sufficient bow & arrow hunter, so it looks quite fun. Who wouldn’t like to be a gruff, rugged outdoorsman?

Note: Weapon Grip & Glory Seeker do not come with the package, and are from Free Sword retirement.

  • Hunting – Collect more meat and furs.
  • Dress Meat – Fresh and prepared meat expires slower.
  • Marksman – Deal +1 damage and pierce armor with bow power attacks.
  • Bestial Rage (root 8) – Heal 12 HP and gain Ferocious when you are wounded.
  • Forest Stride (root ?) – Ignore 1 Wilderness hardship and skip the next hardship upon encountering Wilderness.
  • Cooking – Food keeps 50% longer and you heal 3 HP when cooking or preserving food.
  • High Mountain Climbing – An extra redraw on climbing tests and ignore a Cliff hardship once per rest.
  • Tracking – Extra redraws (multiple???) on tracking tests and encounter more Prey on journeys.
  • Resilient Body (flame 6) – Gain +6 max HP.

West Wind Trader

Do you know the feeling of a hustle but you’re still just chilling? Did your dentist say that you grind (your teeth) even at night and you thought “he the realest”? Is having Barter as a skill not enough for the level of gains you want to achieve? Oh fella, I think this background is custom-tailored for you!

  • Quick Stride – Travel Faster and encounter fewer fortunes (?) on plains.
  • Sweet Deal – While well-liked, get an extra redraw on fortune tests and trade at better prices.
  • Wind Walker (flow 8) – Ignore 1 Storm-type hardship and skip the next hardship upon encountering one.
  • Empathy (flame 8) – An extra redraw on some social tests.
  • Courteous – An extra redraw on some social tests, does not stack with Intimidation or Guile.
  • Guile – An extra redraw on some social tests.
  • Cooking – Food keeps 50% longer and you heal 3 HP when cooking or preserving food.
  • Appraisal – Better prices, same as Barter and they stack.

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