Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – Beginners Tips

Tips for Newcomers

  • A bedroll can be left behind if you are going to forested lands and are lacking space, firewood is plentiful there.
  • Be careful looting containers and breaking vases if you don’t want to anger local residents.
  • Beating a combat encounter usually heals you due to deeds, so if you are low – try to take out the enemy leader first.
  • Bring a torch or lantern along with a pickaxe wherever you go.
  • Consider the “Tonesguide” code if getting repeatedly lost is aggravating and Pathfinding is not enough.
  • Do “Stuff of Legends” achievement as soon as possible. You don’t need keys to go through the secret tunnel, so just a bit of combat preparation is enough.
  • Don’t go to biomes above Challenge 1 rating at the start.
  • Don’t investigate holes-in-the-ground and hollow trees that make sounds until you have some armor to handle the swarm.
  • Don’t leave settlements without any food on you.
  • Douse campfires before leaving a level.
  • Haven chests are safe to store items in. Gather a backup of starting equipment in case you die.
  • Have a few sigils of all kinds with you, especially sky.
  • Having a form sigil in a weapon and a root sigil in a ring and light armor is game-changing.
  • Heightened Senses & Detect Traps are great to have for 2nd Wayfarer and up.
  • If you find a regular shield too bulky, you can substitute it with an off-hand dagger for protection.
  • In combat against 1-3 enemies, block first and strike back after. Retreat for a few seconds if your Wayfarer starts flashing white.
  • Most items (VERY few exceptions) needed to progress through a map are contained in the map.
  • Prioritize ways to reduce encumbrance, both through skills and Light/Flowstone items.
  • Read item descriptions, seriously.
  • Refreshing Liquor potions are always great to have, so are Celestial Passage scrolls.
  • Research topics at the Haven library – knowledge is power.
  • Retire by world magic elementals instead of Haven whenever possible.
  • Save gifts that unlock stuff for the clans until you figure out which clan to retire as or want to ally up.
  • Spear is the BEST weapon.
  • Tlinga Klong Raafi Disciple with Strength, Natural Charm, Formal Education & Barter is a great starting character. Retire as Vault Warden after 7 deeds of any kind, which can be done in 3-4 nodes.
  • Try not to lose hope if you can avoid it.
  • You really don’t need the rope.
  • Donate food to Raaf shrines when able for an Inspired buff or a nifty item.
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