Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – Raafi Backgrounds Guide

Guide to Raafi Backgrounds

Between the starting Disciple, 4 Raafi backgrounds noted below and 2 single-use Elemental ones, I believe it close to the whole list of possibilities (at least as far as minions of Raaf go).

Diplomacy & Formal Education in below snips come from Raafi relics. You can find some relics in the temples of Raaf, but not all. The rest are having an extended vacation somewhere in the world. You know what Formal Education does. Diplomacy – An extra redraw for diplomacy tests.

Vault Warden

You can unlock the Vault Warden background by performing 7 deeds of any kind with a default Raafi Disciple.

  • Marang Ward – Gain “Lucky Ward” (prevents becoming vulnerable once, stacks charges) every time you decipher an ancient Marang inscription.


You can unlock the Envoy background by donating the Lost Codex Chapter to the Haven loremaster.

  • Master Diplomat – Once per clan, can make a friendship or alliance offer without giving a gift first (As you can skip the friendship step entirely by being Well-Liked, this can be a very powerful ability).
  • Appraisal – Better prices, same as Barter and they stack.
  • Courteous – An extra redraw on some social tests, does not stack with Intimidation or Guile.
  • Empathy (flame 8) – An extra redraw on some social tests.

Wolfkin Guard

This juicy background can be unlocked after you ally (to be tested) with some Elder Wolves found in the game. Wolfkins start with an Elder Wolf Pelt, which connects this background to the regular (non-shadow and non-winter) Elder Wolf as well, which can not be allied with.

Note: Weapon Grip & Glory Seeker do not come with the package, and are from Free Sword retirement.

  • Wolfkin – In forests, your Visibility is reduced. Eating Wolf Tail plants no longer causes wounds.
  • Resilient Body (flame 6) – Gain +6 max HP.
  • Bestial Rage (root 8) – Heal 12 HP and gain Ferocious when you are wounded.
  • Forest Stride (root ?) – Ignore 1 Wilderness hardship and skip the next hardship upon encountering Wilderness.
  • Tracking – Extra redraws (multiple) on tracking tests and encounter more Prey on journeys.

Savage Skinwalker

So, have you ever fancied the idea of being a spooky cryptid? Stalking the woods, imitating voices, eating unaware travelers alive, taking their skin? If you answered yes to the second part, I’m calling the guards immediately. Although, you are in luck, for now at least – occasionally an unknown bug will unlock the skinwalker as one of the background options for your Raafi Wayfarer.

Note: Formal Education & Marang Ward are not part of the package, unless you fill out the Vault Warden’s legacy right before.

  • Bestial Rage (root 8) – Heal 12 HP and gain Ferocious when you are wounded.
  • Hunting – Collect more meat and furs.
  • Athletic Physique – An extra redraw for all physical tests.
  • High Mountain Climbing – An extra redraw on climbing tests and ignore a Cliff hardship once per rest.

To round up the spook factor, Elder Dai-Varo blesses skinwalkers with a powerful ability to change forms, revealing your true nature to the world for a while, before having to hide within society once again.

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