V Rising – Migrating a Private Game Save to a Dedicated Server

Quick guide on how to configure an existing private game save to a Dedicated Server.

Hosting a Server (Rental Service Providers)

You can alternatively host a server at a Game Server Hosting Provider.

Your server will be started instantly!

File Paths for Reference

Private Save Folder:

Can be accessed using ‘%appdata%..\LocalLow’

  • \AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\v1\example-file-name (i.e: a181f3c3-f56b-4bf6-b003-44230d21abd5)

Server Folder:

  • steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer

Settings Folder:

  • steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings

These paths will change depending on your own Steam setup.


Creating the Server save folder:

  1. Navigate to Server Folder and type ‘cmd’ into the address bar at the top. This will open the directory in command prompt.
  2. Run ‘VRisingServer.exe -persistentDataPath exampleFolder’ where exampleFolder is the name of the dedicated server save folder. This can be anything.
  3. Hit Ctrl+C once this runs to close the server. We just need it to create the file path for us.

Migrate private save folder:

  1. Head into serverFolder\exampleFolder\Saves\v1\privateSaveFolder and copy in your private save file
  2. Open the copied private save file and change the ServerHostSettings.json ‘Name’ field to match the name of the Dedicated Server

Set Dedicated server to use the correct save folder:

  • Go to SettingsFolder\ServerHostSettings.json and change the SaveName field to the name of your privateSaveFolder (i.e: a181f3c3-f56b-4bf6-b003-44230d21abd5)

Start .bat

Take this code, replace the data path with the name you chose, and save this ‘start.bat’ and you can then double click this to run with the persistentDataPath you chose.

@echo off
set SteamAppId=1604030
echo "Starting V Rising Dedicated Server - PRESS CTRL-C to exit"

@echo on
VRisingServer.exe -persistentDataPath .\[replace this with your savefolder name]

VRisingServer.exe -persistentDataPath .\exampleFolderPath

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