Vampire Survivors – The Effortless AFK Death Kill with Arca

This is a guide on how to effortlessly kill Death and unlock a secret character. It requires end-game items, including Mindbender, Sanctuary arcana, and Limit Break.

How to Kill Death and Unlock a Secret Character



I do not know, if this is a widely known build for killing Death, but it worked for me, so if anyone has problems just do the following.

Disclaimer: This is an end-game build (you have to own Sanctuary, Mindbender, and Limit Break), but who knows, maybe someone still struggles with other strats.

Preparation Steps

  • Get Arca.
  • Purchase all levels of Cooldown upgrade.
  • Start a new game in Hyper, no hurry, max weapons 2, and Limit Break.
  • Choose any map as all will work, but Lib is the best as there are obstacles and Empty Book pickup.
  • Choose Silent Old Sanctuary as the first arcana.

Build Steps

  • Find Laurel, Empty Tome, Spinach, evolve the Fire Wand, then max the rest asap. With Book and Laurel maxed out, you become invincible at lvl 30 so you can farm anything you want.
  • Fill the rest of the build as you want. You can grab everything along the way, but if possible, level up the core first. Good additional items are:
    • Early Crown for faster Hellfire and maxing out.
    • Candelablador.
    • Bracer.
    • Duplicator.
    • Silver Ring.
    • Torrona (didn’t use it).
  • As soon as you feel that you can disintegrate any enemy until 30 min, just stand in place and wait (this will probably happen before you max out optional items). Let the mobs die around you and don’t pick up the exp. Pretty soon there will be more than 400 gems on the floor, which is the limit, so all excess exp will be stacked into a single red gem.

Killing Death

  • When the 30 min hits the timer and the first Death spawns, go get all the exp lying around, especially red gems as one will hold the true power. Limit break your Hellfire as you want (I went full random).
  • The first Death will spawn with health equal to 655,350 x your level, so make sure that you don’t pick up the exp before it spawns. Any other Death that spawns later is not of your concern, as you are invincible after all.
  • Check your kill count and remember it or write it down. You only want to kill the first Death as others will have too much HP.
  • Find a suitable spot so that Hellfire projectiles hit Deaths. They fly around you quickly enough for many of your projectiles to miss in the open space. In Lib, a good spot to stand is in the corner of the upper wall, where all the obstacles are. Just squeeze in there as much as you can.
  • When all is set up, leave the game running for some time and the first Death will eventually get killed. For me, it was around 50 min. Check if your kill count jumped up by 1, and if it did, quit the game.
  • Poof, the Death is unlocked.
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