Vampire Survivors – How to Achive Victory Sword Mostly Afk

A guide to defeat 100000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma step by step.

Guide to Achive Victory Sword Easy

How to Unlock Sigma

To unlock Queen Sigma unlock all the collection. Obviously without her weapon and its powered up version [122/124].

PowerUp Section

Remember to max out Curse. I refund Luck because it increases chance to spawn Freeze/Time Freeze.

Character Select

Choose one weapon.

Also she has awesome stats. Idk if it is a temporary bug or feature but Golden Eggs do not save for next runs on this character.

Stage Selection

I choosed Stage 3 – Dairy Plant with Hyper, Hurry, Arcanas and Limit Break.

If somebody checks out other stages please leave a comment and I’ll add information to the guide later.


Queen Sigma can have up to 5 arcanas per run. First 3 you get by getting first 3 levels. And the first 3 are essential for this run.

Pick up order:


  • XIII — Wicked Season
  • XX — Silent Old Sanctuary
  • VIII — Mad Groove


  • IX — Divine Bloodline
  • VIII — Slash

Level Up

Find Curse and Torrona’s Box in first two level ups. Luckily Queen Sigma has over 110 rerolls. Torrona’s Box is also needed for Victory Sword upgrade.
Priorotise to upgrade Curse and Torrona’s Box over everything else. Your next priority is Victory Sword and Empty Tome.

Then pick up passives:


  • Empty Tome is super strong S tier.
  • Spinach is good.
  • Crown is for Limit Break mostly.


  • Bracer
  • Spellbinder
  • Duplicator

I haven’t compared its dps yet so bear with it and pick any


  • Clover – Rate up for green death and Freeze is interfere AFKing

When you pick 6 passives and most likely max out Curse and Torrona’s Box Pick up Gold Ring and Metaglio Right. And then max them out. After that you can pick stage passives and level anything.


I’ve got 100000 enemies around 28:48 and additional 2050 killed after. I went AFKing around 09:00.

Here is endgame screen:

Written by Neviel


  1. Fantastic guide! Had a few hiccups at the start, but still hit 100k by 25 min. Finished at level 708, killed over 120k, using vento sacro, la borra, no future, thunder loop, and mannajja with the recommended arcanas. Thanks a bunch!

  2. The Library would work better due to it having enarly double the monster spawns. if you can crack up Torrona’s Box and the Skull before the 8 minute mark, you’re golden for an easy win.

  3. It worked in the Infinity Library map.
    I don’t remember the exact time I left it afk, but I got 100k before the 12 minutes (without ‘Hurry?’). As Sir Knightmare said, level up the Skull and the Torrona’s Box fast.
    At the end, I killed 348.442 monsters.

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