Vampire Survivors – The Sammy Guide (Happy Birthday Achievement)

How to get to the secret area full of Sammies to gain the achievement “Happy Birthday”.

Guide to Sammy

What is Sammy?

Sammy is a rare enemy found in Lake Foscari. Killing 6,000 of them will give you the achievement “Happy Birthday” and unlock the playable character “Sammy”.


The best place to farm Sammy is in a secret location found in the Lake Foscari. This location is found NE of the player spawn point:

This is what the entrance looks like. You will move South and the secret area will reveal itself to you.

The area will almost exclusively spawn Sammy. It should be noted that other enemies can spawn as well, although it is far less frequent than outside of the secret area.


Due to Sammy dropping almost exclusively health consumables & a lack of other enemies in the secret area, it will be wise to level your character with area damage just outside of the secret area. There is a sweet spot in which the player can receive both experience points from regular enemies and health pickups from Sammies that find themselves “leaking” out of the secret area. Photos below show the area as well as a demonstration:

This will allow you to build up your character, kill a few Sammies, and use the health pickups to support yourself until you are powerful enough to enter the secret area. You can then kill Sammies very quickly and achieve the goal. I would recommend are damage weapons (Axe, Holy Water, Garlic, etc.).

It may also be beneficial to grab any cursed item to increase the Sammy spawn rate.


Thank you for following my guide. You should easily be able to get this achievement in one run. Good luck and enjoy your new character unlock!

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