Warframe – How to Do a Ton of Ridiculous Damage with Zaw

Abuse of exodia contagion to have ridiculous damage.

Step 1: Craft Your Zaw

For this, go to Cetus and talk to Hok. I recommend getting Kronsh, Shtung and Vargeet II Ruhang.

You might want to go Rabvee if you are not going to use a riven mod because Rabvee has higher base damage. For Vargeet II Ruhang you have to level up some on Konzu which is the pain of this part. When your done proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Gild Your Zaw (Also Forma)

When you first max out your zaw you will need to go to Hok on Cetus again and gild it. After gilding name it something beautiful then start using some formas. I recommend doing atleast 2-3 formas.

It should look something like this:

Now we are moving to the neat part, Exodia Contagion. You can max it out if you want but it will still be helpful even if it has zero levels.

Modding should look something like this:

Riven mod should have crit damage and crit chance if possible, which if it is we can get red crits on heavy attacks. In this case my riven has,

  • %236.3 Crit chance
  • %107.6 Crit damage
  • %108.9 Status chance
  • -1.8 Range

(I got lucky)

With this, you can pretty much insta shot a lot of things but if you wanna go further there is more.

(To be able to fire a projectile, double jump, hold RMB, press E. If you want to make a heavy attack in mid air to get red crits, double jump, start sliding mid air, hold RMB and press MMB.)

Step 3: Go Brrr

First if you have helminth, feed him mirage for eclipse. If you don’t have mirage you can just use mirage. Put eclipse on wisp(we are using wisp for breach surge for even more damage). I personally put eclipse on wisp’s sol gate.

You can also use any warframe that goes invisible to keep eclipse up always. Eclipse gives you damage boost on light and gives you damage reduction on dark. If you go invisible at light, you will keep your damage boost even if you are on dark areas.

Wisp build should look something like this:

Warframe arcanes should be guardian and fury if possible. I didn’t had any arcane fury’s here so yeah.

I only used one forma here because of laziness but you can go ahead and put more forma to max out sacrificial steel.

You can even go higher with putting 5 red archon shards on wisp for the extra damage (+%25 per red archon shard).


Steel path void mot.

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