Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters – Guide to Earning XP Awards in Battle

Just a few details about how XP is awarded/ shared in this game.

How to Earn XP Awards in Battle

  • XP is not shared – only the Knight scoring the Killing Blow gets XP.
  • Missions reward XP for each participant, but higher level knights get less.
  • Kills with Exploding Barrels do not give XP.
  • Throwing environmental objects does give XP.
  • Kills form falling do give XP.
  • Grenade kills give normal XP.

Summons and raise dead can give (a very small amount) XP, but I think I have also gotten Zero XP other times, so maybe higher level knights no longer get XP form very weak enemies? (unconfirmed).

You do not always need to kill every enemy – but if you can delay the mission ending safely you can farm more kills for XP.

Have also included a 1 minute video for the reading impaired.

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