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Frequently Asked Questions

What game modes are available in Warlander?

  • Warlander is launching with a 2 Army Battle Mode for up to 40 players and a 5 Army Battle Mode for up to 100 players, as well as a Training Area to practice your abilities and technique.

What kind of customization is available in Warlander?

  • Create an eclectic roster of deeply tailored class-based characters, each with their own loadout of rarity-based and customizable equipment, skills, and talents, as well as emotes, and dance moves.

How can you play the different Classes? How can you switch between them?

  • You can create a character of any class at any time in the character tab. Once you create a character you must add it to one of your decks. When you start a match you will choose the deck of characters that you would like to play during that match. Characters without Titles can be deployed at any time during a match, while characters with Titles can only be used when a specific in-game valor level has been hit. Valor is earned by defeating enemies, building devices, and completing objectives. During a match press “warp” at any time to deploy a new character or warp to any controlled towers.

How does Class leveling work/individual character leveling?

  • Outside of the game, each character levels up individually by being used in matches and earning Valor. Leveling up a character’s out-of-game Valor level will reward the player with higher-tier Titles which can then be equipped by the character to make them more powerful. Higher-tier titles allow for a wider variety of power and customization options, but to balance things, Titled characters cannot be deployed at the start of a match, but instead, only after the related Valor level has been reached in the session. There is also a higher respawn cool-down for Titled characters.

How can I play Warlander?

  • Warlander is F2P and is available via Steam. Gen 9 consoles to follow.

Is Warlander multiplayer?

  • Yes, Warlander is an online multiplayer game with up to 100 players in a 5 Army Battle match. Players can solo queue or queue in a squad of up to 4 players. You can also check out the Training Area at any time by yourself.

Can I use a controller/mouse and keyboard to play Warlander?

  • Yes/Yes

What languages is Warlander available in?

  • English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Turkish.

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