Wartales – How to Make Money

How to Make Money (and End the Suffering of Trying to)

Struggling for a long time as this game leaves you without a clue how to do basic things – similar as growing up in your teenage years – I thought about giving you a hint to not fear every day for the game to be over too soon.

Money makes the world go around and so it does in Wartales, too.

You need it for:

  • Repairing your equipment (don’t try to fight completely damaged).
  • Healing your party (injuries come with a lot of disadvantages and make fight hard to impossible).
  • Pay wages and keep the party from leaving.

So, how to get money? If you haven’t figured out how to win all the fights – which is fairly hard at first – fighting and selling loot does not really cut it. But there’s an intriguing steady way of income: prisoners!

East of the first city, there’s a prison. Buy 2-3 shackles there. In a fight, you need one of your units to engage an enemy and damage his health until below 50%. Another unit can approach and then capture the enemy (new ability appeas then). After the fight, go to the prison, turn in each prisoner for 100 Krowns, up to 3 prisoners every 24 hours. Like that I went from bankrupcy to 3600 Krowns, could upgrade my gear and enlarge my party so now I’m gaining money with a mix of quests and prisoners.

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