Wildfrost – Hints & Tips for New Players

Gameplay Hints & Tips

In Battle:

Cards auto-attack in Wildfrost when placed on the battlefield once their ‘counter’ reaches zero/0. Different cards will have different counters, and you can strategically manipulate both your own and enemy card counters by delaying or speeding them up with special items.

You can also move cards around on rows to target different enemies (a standard card with no modifiers such as ‘barrage’ will auto-hit the card in the front opposite row)

Hover over any card for more info & right-click to see a full card overview – especially handy for boss battles to learn more about their modifiers and base stats!

This is the enemy wave countdown – be prepared!

You can reshuffle your hand to get more card options once the bell has counted down – you don’t need to wait until your hand is empty!

You can see an overview of your full deck by clicking the backpack icon on the bottom left on the battle screen.

If one of your cards is low on health, it may be a good idea to withdraw them from the battlefield to heal them up. Drag their card over to the right-hand pouch next to the bell to heal.

Protect Naked Gnome at all costs.

Outside of Battle:

Found a charm? If you decide to ‘Save for Later’ you can equip the charm to a card via the Deck Overview page. Warning: Once you’ve attached a charm you can’t unequip it!

You can rename your Leader & Companions (ink bottle icon) – a fun way to engage top chat members (just make sure they don’t meet a frosty end 👀)

Make sure to check in back at the town of Snowdwell from the map menu or on the ‘DEAD’ screen to see if you’ve unlocked any helpful cards! The further you travel in your adventure the more you’ll be able to rebuild Snowdwell! (Check out the Pet House, Tribe Hall, Inventors Hut, Hot Springs, Icebreaker Cabin etc. for any new unlocks or challenges).

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