Wizard of Legend – How to Play Online

This guide will help you understand how to start playing online.

Guide to being the Ultimate Wizard of Remote Play

You can play pvp or co-op using a remote play interface. The two preferred interfaces are Steam Remote Play, and Parsec with Steam being the more common of the two for most users.

How to Use Steam Remote Play

If you’re hosting

Start your game, press “shift/ tab” for the steam overlay, right click on the person you’re going to invite, and invite them. You can also “invite anyone to play” by copying a link.

How to Use Parsec

Search for the Parsec website and the download file. Once downloaded, you can join a computer using the “join with a share link or peer id” or you can host a computer by sharing your link.

Important to note if using mods that require Bepinex make sure to minimize (not close, this will close your game) to ensure the person playing with you can actually play.

Tournament Edition

Tournament Edition (currently 2.0.0) is a mod that allows for better enjoyment of the PVP section of WoL. with two different arenas, relics, robes and special effects, there is a lot to understand.

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