Wizard of Legend – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners

New Players Tips

  • Don’t spam dash.
  • Find targets that change how you play.
  • Take them out first.
  • Hp and potion return management is hard for new players, take sustain like vamp glasses.

  • Hitstun can take you from 500-0.
  • Always play like you are at 1 hp.
  • Hp is a safety net not a resource.
  • Dont worry about tank builds for now.
  • Find arcana that you like using above all else.
  • But try to take a nice mix of aoe and single target.
  • If you focus all arcana into aoe you can take bolt rail as basic for huge single target.

  • Pay attention to red lines and other alerts.
  • Watch boss patterns.
  • Count boss attacks.
  • If you have the choice between a mid relic and a mid arcana take the arcana.
  • Having more stuff to use while other stuff is on cooldown decreases your spell downtime.
  • Hit stun is strong against you, but also strong against mobs.
  • Dont focus too much on hitstun because single target is still important for bosses.
  • Take an aoe primer spell like twin turbines, it will hitstun enemies so you can get close safely.

  • You can also use it to prime bosses.
  • Most boss attacks are just dashing perpendicular.
  • Dont try to attack during the bosses attack phase.
  • With a balanced build you can 3 cycle bosses consistently without too much reliance on relics, with a single target focused build you can try and 2 cycle them.
  • Such as 2ura 1ura is alot easier then he seems, his attacks are slow and the only real killer is tunnel vision and his summons.
  • Always focus supporters over the boss unless you have enough single target to burst them down.
  • You can throw one or two attacks at the boss so you can stun it and kill the supporting units.

Biggest Advice

Dont keep any of that in mind. You will overwhelm yourself. Just play yourself. Find things that work for you. No one knows your playstyle better.

There is no real meta for builds other then lightning multihit and critheals. Just build what you think is fun. Dont tunnel vision a spell and what feels natural.

I hope you found this helpful!

Egor Opleuha
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  1. I was already able to run up against ledges without falling in because I was surprisingly adept at timing my jumps in the museum exhibit. In addition, if you find a cursed relic that increases your usage of a certain type of move while decreasing your defense against another, and that other type isn’t in the dungeon, it might be worth stealing. Alternatively, take it if what you’re taking can be paired with something you already own or is on hand at the store. Combining them will eliminate the drawback. Additionally, you should attempt to locate a substitute at Iris’s shop if your basic arcana is ineffective against the players in your current dungeon, or at the very least, doesn’t deal less damage than ok

  2. Note that if you run against the edges of the Flashy Boots cursed relic for longer than roughly 30 seconds, you may end up slipping off them.

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