Wizard101 – Mustard Scouts Azteca Raid

Basic Guide to Mustard Scouts Azteca Raid






  • There will ALWYAS be a storm/blade gambit fight north on the LEFT side. Its really easy and Balance/Storm 1 did it together no issues each time.
  • 2nd fight north varies between DoTs team and Traps team, traps team was a little weak in this but it was most likely player error.
  • North boss: DOT/HOT fight, rather easy, Cantrip double Sprite swarm and a DP2 (prob dont need this but we just needed to kill it).
  • Fires used scion to kill boss first then used immolate to finish it off.
  • Same strat for the minion, immolate is our friend.


  • We found tokens, we were only able to spawn cameca once sadly.


  • Figured out drums with the team, it was very hard at first but once we figured it out it wasnt too bad.
  • storm team absolutely crushed it, set up gambits correctly, ixta DOES spawn a shield on them first round so you need someone to hit it off.
  • our death used a B path triton to get the HoTs off of IXTA, which worked for the most part but had one more left.
  • Storm 1 killed minion storm 2 killed boss, balance and death helped set gambits.


  • Had difficulty with fishing, we would get sent back to the fish menu when we tried.
  • Overall had west handled, hard to coordinate west at the same time as north.
  • West boss has ALWAYS been a trap gambit for us. So WEST can go at the same time as NORTH.


  • Used all 7 schools efficiently and everyone had a job.
  • We were able to spawn all 4 bosses and now have ¾ done.
  • Death pinned to storm as support was really nice.
  • 2 storms can EASILY kill boss if you set up gambit correctly.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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