Wizard101 – Deckathalon Event Explained

Explanation of Deckathalon Event

The Deckathalon is a side event in Wizard101 that generally happens every second week of the month starting from a Tuesday to another.

In the event, you are only allowed to use treasure cards, so no item cards of any kind are allowed, not even if you socket one in your deck. In actuality, all and any numeric stats you generally have are disregarded, except those of your deck, which makes the choice of a pet with only maycasts and a willcast the most optimal. There’s 7 different versions of The Deckathalon event, 1 for each school. It’s also a solo event.

The event consists of stages with 3 floors each: the first floor have 1 mob, the second floor have 2 mobs and the last floor have also only 1 mob, and each different mob has more hp than the other (the amount of hp being different per stage per event). There’s 10 stages in the event, which makes for 30 different floors.

If you beat a stage (3 floors), you can access a vendor to get recipes to craft treasure cards and decks suited to each event, while also being able to return to that stage to beat it again.

You get 3 credits per day of the event, but these credits MUST be claimed so you need to log in the game in each day to claim them. That would generally mean you can get 21 credits total, but since the credits reset every midnight, the last midnight generate another set of 3 credits, making for the actual maximum of 24 credits.

Deckathalon Schedule:

Ice -> Death -> Fire -> Myth -> Life -> Balance -> Storm

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