World of Tanks Blitz – The Nashorn Guide

This guide focuses on one Tier VI German Tank Destroyer, which is the best tank I have played in.

The Nashorn’s Capabilities

  • Hit points: 1,000
  • Damage: 160
  • Reload Time: 4.31s
  • Penetration: 150
  • Armor: 19.1
  • Speed: 23
  • Rotation: 28.16

This is the Nashorn’s rating when it you first purchase it.

It has terrible armor and the damage isn’t great either, but it has a fair amount of hit points for a TD and a really good reload time. It penetration, speed, and rotation is also decent for a TD.

The Nashorn does not become a really good tank until you get all of its modules and a few upgrades:

  • Hit points: 1,060
  • Damage: 220
  • Reload Time: 5.53s
  • Penetration: 203
  • Armor: 19.1
  • Speed: 29
  • Rotation: 47.94

If you want to get a better idea you should probably just find it on WoTB (German Tier VI).

The Nashorn does decent damage, still has a really good reload time, has great penetration, great speed for a tank destroyer, and good health. The only bad spot is that it has terrible armor.

The Nashorn’s biggest strength is its reload time. Other tanks might do tons of damage, but have to wait to or three times as long before they can reload. It might be worth it to keep yourself exposed so you can make the most of your reload time.

The Nashorn has another advantage over many tank destroyers, speed. The Nashorn is as fast as some slower light tanks and this allows it to take better positions farther up the map.

It’s penetration, like most tank destroyers, is pretty good. If you are very very careful you can successfully take on a heavy tank whose main strength is its armor, but I would not recommend this unless you have a teammate in trouble or the base is about to be captured.


The Nashorn is only a Tier VI tank so if you are a big fan of Tier IX and X battles then you might not enjoy this tank as much as I do. I personally prefer Tier V and VI battles, because the there is typically a balanced number of tank types.

Here is a list of awards that I have gotten, but first I want to let you know that I have been playing WoT and WoTB for about three months and don’t have more than thirty hours of experience.

2 ace tanker badges, 3 class 1 mastery badges, 15 class 2 mastery badges, 26 class 3 mastery badges.

  • Destroy 6 tanks in one battle: 1
  • Destroy 5 tanks in one battle: 2
  • Destroy the most tanks: 5
  • Do the most damage: 14
  • Deal the most damage in a battle at a distance of at least 250m: 3
  • Damage more enemy vehicles than any other player or destroy their tracks: 6
  • Longest series of armor penetrating hits: 26
  • Longest series of hits: 46
  • Most damage: 3,182
  • Most destroyed: 6
  • Average Damage: 1,373 (37.3% more than my health)

These are all the awards I have gotten and I assure that I am an amateur player. I got into the silver league during rating battles.

The whole point of this guide is to show y’all a really good tank. I hope you try it out and like it.

Written by ethan.j.bremer


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