WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Install Mods on Linux

This guide shows you how to install mods on linux (NCMS only).

How to Install Mods

Step #1

In steam switch over to proton instead of using the native linux version then wait for steam to update worldbox to the windows version. If you dont know how go to Proprieties -> compatibility and check force the use of a specific steam play compatibility tool

(I personally booted up the game after i did this but its not needed)

Step #2

Install ProtonTricks (This is needed in order to get mods to work DO NOT SKIP.)

If you do not know how to install proton tricks most distro’s support flatpak so download it form here.

Step #3

Open proton tricks and do this

Worldbox -> Select the default windprefix -> Run winecfg

Once Winecfg is open go to libraries -> New override for libary and search for ‘Dinput8’ then click on Dinput8 and click add, then click apply and exit the panel

If you do not do this step NCMS will NOT work.

Step #4

Go back to steam and browse local files and download NCMS how you usally would (NCSM link)

Step #5

Run the game and if you did everything correctly you should see NCMS working perfectly!

(Btw can one of the mods pin this please so people know thanks.)

Enjoy linux users!

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