Xenonauts 2 – Interception Guide

Guide to Interception


The blue circle around a base indicates its radar range. If a UFO flies over a base’s radar range it will be detected and can be attacked using interceptors. Interceptor squadrons have a very small radar range themselves. If an UFO flies beyond base radar range the interceptor squadron will have the option to head to the UFO’s last known position in hopes of finding it again.

Shooting down a UFO will prevent it from causing Panic in the local region. In addition, if an UFO is shot down over land it will enable a Crashed UFO mission that allows recovering valuable alien technology. Once a squadron reaches an UFO it will bring the following options:

  • Commence Attack: Starts an air battle between the interceptors and the UFO.
  • Tail Target: Interceptors will follow the UFO until they run out of fuel and can attack at any point.
  • Tail Until Over Land: Interceptors will follow the UFO until it travels over land and then re-engage the UFO.
  • Autoresolve Attack: Automatically resolves the air battle between the interceptors and the UFO. If the outcome is not desired the battle can be tried again as a regular air battle. This option is only available if the Allow Autoresolve Air Combat option was selected in the campaign options.

If an interceptor is destroyed it will be replaced in a day. The time can be reduced to half at the cost of $250,000.

Air Combat

Air combat takes place in real-time. Interceptors can execute the following maneuvers.

  • Evasive Roll: Interceptor attempts to dodge incoming weapons fire. Certain weapons prevent the interceptor from rolling.
  • Afterburners: Increases movement speed but disables weapons and evasive rolls.
  • Retreat: Interceptor flies away from the UFO until it escapes the combat map.


Interceptors are used to attack UFOs. Up to 3 interceptors can be assigned on the same attack.


All interceptors have one cannon hardpoint and two equipment hardpoints. Cannon hardpoints can mount every weapon. Equipment hardpoints can only mount missile and torpedo weapons. Interceptors can be equipped with the following weapons:

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