Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Solo Mode Guide (Gate & Chapters)

Guide to Solo Mode

Solo Mode Overview

Uncover the stories hidden within the cards, and Duel with Decks that bring forth the powers of those cards.

Learn how to pilot each Deck and the ins and outs of their strategies.


Each Gate has its own special theme and story for you to experience.

Select a Gate to move to its Chapter Map screen and see what it holds in store for you.

Some Gates have unlock conditions that you must fulfill before you can play them.


Each Gate is composed of individual chapters.

Except for the Locked Chapters (which will be explained later), each chapter will have its own story and Duels that you can enjoy.

Begin your journey at the first chapter and clear it to advance to the next chapter.

There are 6 types of chapters, outlined below.

Duel Chapters

  • Take on a Duel in these chapters.
  • Earn different rewards when you clear them with Loaner Decks and your own Decks.
  • Note: For some chapters, you may be restricted to using a Loaner Deck, while others may restrict you to using your own Deck.

Practice Chapters

  • These chapters allow you to practice Dueling with Loaner Decks.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the rules of Dueling and use themed Decks based on the cards that appear in the Gate.

Story Chapters

  • Delve into the cards’ stories in these chapters.
  • You can earn rewards when you finish reading each story.

Reward Chapters

  • Take a look at these chapters for a selection of rewards.

Goal Chapters

  • The final chapter in each Gate.
  • In addition to reward items, some chapters may also include card stories or Duels.
  • Once you clear these chapters, you will also clear the Gate and unlock a new Gate. Some Gates will reward you with a related Secret Pack when you clear it for the first time.

Locked Chapters

  • Chapters that you can only access by fulfilling their unlock conditions.
  • You must unlock them before you can proceed to other chapters.
  • These chapters don’t have rewards, card stories, or Duels.

Clear & Complete

Gates and chapters have two statuses, Clear or Complete.


When a chapter has this status displayed above it, it means that it contains rewards that have yet to be earned.

Once a chapter’s rewards have all been claimed, it changes to “Complete.”

When a Gate says “Clear,” it means that there are rewards yet to be obtained within the Gate (i.e. there are chapters without “Complete” status).


This status indicates that all the rewards within a chapter or Gate have been obtained.

When all the chapters within a Gate have been Complete, that means the Gate is also Complete.


You can learn about the basics of Dueling to use throughout Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

You can also replay the tutorial that you first cleared upon starting the game in Solo Mode.

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