Terraria – Game Doesn’t Launch Fix (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

How to Fix Terraria 1.4 if It’s Refusing to Launch or if You’re Stuck in

Note: If you are using tModLoader from a previous version, do this.

If your game is still launching Terraria, or just refuses to launch at all, then try this:

  • Step 1: Right click on Terraria, hold your cursor over manage, then hit “Browse Files”
  • Step 2: Select everything in there, and delete it.
  • Step 3: Hit Play on steam, it’ll give you an error message and then prompt you to re-download Terraria
  • Step 4: Re-Download Terraria.
  • Step 5: Play!

That’s the most basic method to fix Terraria if it refuses to load or if you’re stuck in

If you want to re-download tModLoader, get the DLC in the Terraria shop.

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  1. it keeps telling me “Error: Please launch the game from your Steam client.” what should I do? The forums are down when I check the website.

    • Try doing steps 1-5, if that doesn’t work, Log out and log back into steam. If that still doesn’t work, restart your computer. If it STILL doesn’t work, then uhm… I don’t know, good luck.

  2. For anyone having the problem of Terraria not responding, try leaving it for abt 5-10mins or so, worked for me. Thanks for the help anyway though.

  3. I was playing Terraria with my firend then I left the world to get some vanity items, now I can’t load onto the world as multiplayer or singleplayer. When trying to log in as multiplayer it just sits on the loading screen, and for single player it says “Load Failed, No Backup Found”. Please can someone help me?

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