Lust Goddess – Known Issues and How to Fix Them

Bugs and Issues [Solved]

How to Fix

Unable to login (network error)

  • Problem: Since update, receive this message every attempt to start up.
  • Solution: Try to delete the browser cached file’s like cookies and restart the browser. Check whether it’s not your antivirus or some similar protection. Some AVs has just started blacklisting “” URLS after this update. Do try to whitelist (add to exceptions) the url you use in any case, and see then.

Not pausing when minimized

  • Problem: The game don’t stop after minimized.
  • Explanation: Its not a bug. Its a feature to prevent people from AFK.

Unable to play (Steam)

  • Problem: When trying to play through Steam, it tells you’re unable to connect and gives you the option to retry which does nothing.
  • Solution: Restart Steam and that should let you update the game.

Cannot purchase on the Steam version

  • Problem: It always stuck at loading like this.
  • Solution: Just enable Steam Overlay in settings.

Alliance – quests – infinite loading

Pretty much every time one quest refreshes, the whole screen goes like this. You need to swap pages, sometimes it takes a minute.

The daily “free” emerix don’t come in

It’s not a bug. Now you can get Emerix used to referral code only (if you are new and have not reached the 26th league).

I can’t connect

  • Problem: I try to launch the game it gives me this.
  • Solution: Use VPN. It is the only way the game works for me. Without it I get same error.

Not a Bug but You Should to Know It

  • You can’t have another ongoing big event if you already have one.
  • If you play Trixie and the ability kills your own bloom, blooms 3rd ability will kill your own Trixie.
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