Lust Goddess – When Should You Reboot Your Mercenaries (F2P)

Time to Reboot Mercenaries Explained

Each merc can reboot as soon as meet the requirements of lv6/11/16/21/26/31 for total 6 reboots.

You can either chose reboot asap when it available or continue lv up to max Lv31 before reboot.

And no worry as the excess lv from the requirement will refund back the extra points you used for lv up.

Since we can earn 180 Emerix every time finish the level up 20 times legendaries task in Military Exercise.

It’s equal to 9 Emerix per legend merc lv.

Here we have few different routes for us to chose:

Reboot as fast as you can

    • Pro: you will have strong merc to raise league faster.
    • Con: you will have 2 weeks for low power/can’t use her & only can lv up 135 time for total earn 1215 Emerix per merc (Kitty chat need more lv up to unlock pictures).

    Reboot when you reach next reboot requirement (eg. R0 reboot at lv11, R1 reboot at lv16)

      • Pro: you can rebuild you power back faster as you have extra points to continue lv up.
      • Con: 160 total lv up for 1440 Emerix.

      Reach 3rd requirement before reboot for more income from ME

      • Pro: 180 total lv up for 1620 Emerix.
      • Con: you need to waste a bit more Credits for the lvling cost (but you can grind them).

      Same as 3️ but reach 4th requirement before reboot

      • Pro: 195 total lv up for 1755 Emerix.
      • Con: more longer time and more Credits wasted.

      More further to 5th requirement

      • Pro: 205 total lv up for 1845 Emerix.
      • Con: even more wasted.

      The final one for the max earn as max lv before every reboot

      • Pro: 210 total lv up for 1890 Emerix.
      • Con: you are stingy.

      So… base on the above, you can chose either one route you feel comfortable to reboot.

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