Soulmask – Known Issues and How to Fix Them

Guide to Known Issues & Fixes

How to Unlock FPS

About the 60 frame rate lock:

  • In the Settings -> Display mode, set to full-screen mode (note that the full-screen mode, not full-screen window mode).
  • In the Settings-> Vertical Sync, turn off the Vertical Sync.
  • In the Settings-> Frame Rate Limit, set to unlimited.
  • Check whether Vertical Sync is enabled in system settings and third-party software. If it is on, please turn it off.

Save File Location

The location of the save game file for Soulmask is actually rather simple. If you truly know what you’re searching for, that is.


Please note: If you are still unable to locate some of your files / folders, there is a possibility that they have been hidden. So go to the View menu and turn off the [Hidden Items] chekbox.

Unable to Enter Game Homepage

  • If you have an older test version on Steam called Soulmask [Test], please uninstall it and download the latest version.
  • Right-click the test version in your Steam library, select properties, and verify the game’s integrity.
  • Update your graphics drivers:
  • After updating, restart Steam and launch the game.

Trouble Connecting to Your Friend’s Game:

  • Have the person with the best network setup host the LAN game.
  • Check your network settings, and use a wired connection for optimal performance.
  • Ensure other bandwidth-heavy applications are closed before starting the game.

Due to the significant distance between Steam servers and our servers, players may experience connectivity issues across different regions and networks. Devs are continuously communicating with Steam to find solutions.

If You Encounter the Issue That You Can’t Login or Get Stuck on Loading

You can try the method stated below:

  • Restart Steam.
  • Verify the Game and restart Steam (see the pic below).
  • Update your graphics card’s drive to the updated version.

Trouble with opening the command line console

If it happens to others, I resolved it by remapping the console key for Soulmask: Go to your Soulmask user folder:


Then edit the input.ini file and add the following lines. Personally, I chose to remap it to the F1 key:


I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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