Tarisland – Molcolon the Merfolk King Guide

Merfolk King Raid Guide

By Senzei.


  • Tank: 1 Required
  • Healers: 2
  • Dps: 7

Boss Abilities & Attacks

The boss has 2 basic attacks and 3 cast abilities.


The boss cleaves, as such the raid besides the Tank, should stack on the bosses butt.

Rapid Cleave:

Every 10%, assuming that another ability isn’t queued up or being cast, the boss will do 3 Cleave attacks in rapid succession. The attack is recognized by an empowerment animation.

Note to the Tanks > When Rapid Cleave happens use a defensive skill or call for an external cool down.

Shock Wave:

Shock Wave is a two second cast that releases a wave in a straight line that will target the largest grouping of players 20m long and 8m wide. Dodge left or right to avoid it.

Storms Call and Refuge:

After killing the Shaman a water shield will drop, named Refuge. The boss will start casting an ability called Storms Call. If you are not inside of the Refuge bubble by the end of the cast you will die.

Note to Healers > Large AoE damage to the entire raid will occur during the Storms Call even if they are inside the bubble.

Note to the Tanks > After Storms Call ends use a defensive or call for an external cool down as the boss will hit 3 times in rapid succession.

Water Bomb:

Targets are random; the player targeted by Water Bomb needs to run away from the raid before they explode. They will also be taking heavy damage when the Water Bomb goes off.

️The tool tip indicates that the Tank can be targeted by Water Bomb. If the Tank is targeted then the melee DPS needs to move away from the boss.


There will be two separate waves of mobs that will repeat during the encounter.

Wave #1:

The first wave consists of 5 Merfolk Warriors and 2 Merfolk Archers.

This wave will spawn after one Shock Wave and one Water Bomb on the right side of the room that needs to be AoE targeted. DPS and Healers should stay near the Tank so they can taunt them. 

The first wave spawned on the right side of the room. Location marked by a red circle.

Wave 2:

The second wave consists of 5 Merfolk Warriors and 1 Merfolk Shaman.

Once the boss casts another Shock Wave and Water Bomb. The Merfolk Shaman will heal the boss and drop a water shield, called Refuge, when it dies. The Merfolk Shaman must be focused down once in range of the boss. When the Refuge is placed, the raid must stack inside immediately. 

The second wave spawned on the left side of the room. Merfolk Shaman running towards boss. Locations marked by red circles.

The boss repeats waves 1 and 2 until the boss dies.

Video of the Entire Fight:

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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