Tarisland – Ultimate Priest Guide (Stats, Skills & Builds)

Tarisland Divine Grace Priest Guide (This means healer)!


By Lani.

Why Priest?

  • Strongest single target heal in the game for a whopping whole 6 seconds out of an entire cycle.
  • Strongest AoE heals.
  • Best looking.
  • Big staff = big heals (One can hope).
  • You like suffering but also to bring suffering to others.
  • Weakest single target heals in the entire game overall.
  • Will wipe entire raids and parties if you use your skills wrong.

Base Stats

IntelligenceIncreases you ATK* by a small amount
CritAffects crit trigger rate
CooldownReduces cast time, cooldown, and global cooldown of skills
OmniIncreases Final healing**
FocusIncreases healing
StaminaIncreases your HP and base HP recovery

Everything else is irrelevant.

*Attack is your main stat for healing multipliers for Skills. Increasing ATK = Increasing base heal amounts for every skill.

**Final healing means the final multiplier calculation that happens after everything else has been counted; Crit, ATK, Buffs etc. Omni adds a flat % increase to the whole sum of everything else.

Stat Priority

You will build large amounts of Intelligence very early on so prioritising it is not as important as other stats.

What you are looking for in gear varies per piece, but your main priorities should be:

  • Crit/Focus > Cooldown > Intelligence > Omni and NEVER Stamina.

We will get more into these stats later as every piece can roll different sets of stats, so this priority is only something to give an idea about what you are looking for.

You never want to have Stamina in your gear as we do not need extra HP and it is blocking way more important stats like the ones above.

Stamina is for Tanks. If you are tanking you need to fire your actual Tank and look for a new one.



Your main single target heal or damage spell. This will be your main skill for proccing passive synergy towards the other skills.

  • 68% of ATK + 148 halved as damage to enemies.


Single target heal over time spell for 6 seconds or damage for 6 seconds to enemies.

  • 70% of ATK + 148 and 36% of ATK + 79 every second for 6 seconds halved to enemies.

Light Wave

Single target area effect spell healing the lowest HP party member. Upgrades to Divine Blessing when all Wings are lit up.

  • 54% of ATK + 114 every second for 6 seconds.

Light Healing

Your main AoE heal, strongest instant heal, and one of the strangest heals in the game. Has a maximum stack amount of 2.

  • 213% of ATK + 456.

Holy Guardian

Single Target damage reduction, and Physical DEF buff. Reduces damage taken by 40% and increases Physical DEF by 695 for 6 seconds.

Hymn of Light

Priests ultimate skill. Strong channeled AoE heal that cancels if you move or jump. 6 strong heal AoE over 5.5 Seconds during the full channel.

  • 237% of ATK + 507 per pulse.

Main Mechanic

Holy Wings

Every time you cast Recover or Light Wave, one wing lights up on your Holy Wings. Once this reaches 6 wings it will be ready to activate.

Holy Wings (Ready to Activate, 6 Wings Lit Up)

Once 6 wings have been lit, the Holy Wings will start to glow indicating you can now cast Divine Blessing, which Light Wave has upgraded to.

Please note, once Holy Wings are Ready, you can no longer cast Light Wave as it has been upgraded to Divine Blessing on your bar.

Divine Blessing

When Divine Blessing is available, your Light Wave will upgrade into this glowing icon showing you can use the skill.

Divine Blessing is an extremely strong Single Target heal when used correctly. It will heal the target for a set amount, then grant them the Divine Blessing buff. Every time the target gets hit during this buff, they get healed. The buff lasts for 6 seconds.

  • 224% of ATK initial heal + 112% per hit over 6 seconds.

Important note, you cannot gain any wings during Divine Blessing so try not to cast Recover during this time to ensure it will be up when you can gain new wings again.

Inscribed Stone Skill

Important to Learn!

Inscribed Stone Energy

Upon casting Recover or Light Wave, you gain Inscribed Stone Energy. When the bar fills up completely, you will be able to cast your Inscribed Stone Skill.

Inscribed Stone Skill

Using this skill will convert Recover to an AoE heal, but it will NOT convert an existing Recover to AoE, this needs to be a new Recover cast.

At the same time Light Wave is doubled, this also needs to be a new cast. This does not apply to Divine Blessing even though it’s a direct upgrade from Light Wave, only Light Wave gets doubled. So again, plan accordingly.

But you are in Luck, as casting the Inscribed Stone Skill will Instantly refresh the Cooldown on Both Recover and Light Wave, even if Divine Blessing is Active. So essentially you can use Divine Blessing first, then Inscribed Stone Skill and Light Wave right after to have both Divine Blessing and Two Light Waves active.

Meaning you can cast Recover on your Tank, drop Light Wave on the ground. Then instantly activate your Inscribed Stone Skill and do it again.

With this, you will have Recover on your Tank + Recover on Everyone in the party. And not one, not two, but Three Light Waves on the ground healing the lowest HP target in your party.

Healing Priorities and Skill Usage


Prayer is your single target “heal”, if you can call it a heal anymore. You can cast it practically 24/7 as we don’t have to worry about mana anymore, and you should.

With Prayer of Light, every time you critically heal a player, you gain a healing buff for 6 seconds. Meaning, as long as you keep casting this on targets that are not 100% hp there is a high chance to keep this passive up all the time. The buff cannot proc from targets that can’t get healed, meaning targets that are already 100% HP.

The Prayer+ passive plays into this as well, as every cast of Prayer has a chance to lower Light Wave cooldown, meaning you should spam prayer 24/7 to proc this, even if you are not healing anyone. Cast it on a full HP tank if anything.

If you are not dealing with any mechanics that need other CDs or Mitigation, keep spamming your Tank with this skill, or any party member.

Always Keep Casting. (If you have carpal tunnel I would advise against this, you may adapt).


Recover is fairly straightforward, as far as content goes that we have had so far. Put this on your Tank who has aggro, always.

With Swift Guard, every Recover cast reduces the cooldown of Holy Guardian as well since every Recover cast generates a Holy Wing and generates Inscribed Stone Energy.

Always cast Recover on Cooldown, never let it sit on your bar waiting to be used. Except, if Divine Radiance is active and it’s about to end. If Divine Radiance is active, you cannot gain Wings.

When you use Divine Radiance, you can cast Recover right afterwards if Recover is up, but if Divine Radiance is already running when Recover comes off cooldown, wait until it is over to cast Recover to ensure you get a Wing from the cast.

When you activate your Inscribed Stone Skill, it will instantly reset Recover’s cooldown.

With this, what you always want to try to do is wait for the next mechanic that requires heavy healing, or if you need a lot of healing due to mechanics failing and everyone is panicking to save the situation. Then you want to cast Recover on your Main Tank, then instantly activate Inscribed Stone Skill and use Recover again as the cooldown resets and now Recover is converted to an AoE heal healing the entire raid, or party.

If you follow this you will have the single Recover up on your Tank plus the AoE heal on everyone else and your Tank.

Try not to waste this, you do not need to use the Inscribed Stone Skill right away when you have enough energy, you can save it for when you do need a lot of healing.

Light Wave

Light Wave plays the same as Recover, but you cannot choose your target. Light Wave will always heal the lowest HP target in the party, otherwise the concept is the same.

Always cast Light Wave on cooldown to gain Wings, Inscribed Stone Energy, and reduce Holy Guardian cooldown with Swift Guard, it will automatically heal whoever is lowest in your party.

With Prayer+ you will also be reducing Light Wave’s cooldown on every cast as mentioned above allowing you to gain even more Wings and Inscribed Stone Energy faster.

Same concept applies with Divine Radiance, read above.

Again, same concept as Recover. Activating your Inscribed Stone Skill resets the cooldown, so you want to play this the same way.

Use Light Wave/ Divine Blessing first, then pop your Inscribed Stone Skill to use Light Wave again to multiply it.

Note, even though there are three, or two Light Waves if you casted Divine Blessing first, they will follow the same design. All of the Light Waves will heal the Lowest HP target in the raid.

You also can use this in case your Tank is taking extremely heavy damage and you and your co-healer cannot keep up, or they are dead. As your Tank will most likely be the Lowest HP player in the raid at that time, the Light Waves will heal them for large amounts very quickly.

When you have multiple Light Waves active you may as well consider them an AoE heal as they will top up every low HP player extremely quickly one by one.

Use this the same way as Recover above, only when needed. As you can, and will save the day with the insane amounts of healing Inscribed Stone Skill activation gives you for a short burst.

Light Healing

Light Healing is your Strongest Heal that is on a normal cooldown on your bar.

The skill is simple, but rules exist that you should not ever break.

As it is your highest AoE heal with a fairly short cooldown compared to Hymn of Light, you need to focus this skill on Party Wide damage.

Meaning, DO NOT use this to heal a DPS who got hit because they were in the wrong spot. If you do this, you will find out you actually needed this skill for the next Party Wide damage attack and now you don’t have it anymore. Never use this skill to cover for one or two DPS getting hit by random stuff.

I keep writing DPS, and there is a reason for that. You may use this skill to heal a Single Tank if you Know they might get one shot by the next hard hitting skill made by the boss and you need to heal them Right Away. These cases are Rare, but they might happen.

Otherwise, learn the fights you are healing, and save this spell for Party Wide damage as you can heal tanks with your kit fairly efficiently.

Holy Guardian

Holy Guardian is your only mitigation skill, and it should be used exactly as that, mitigation.

This means do not use it on a Tank who is not getting hit by anything. Use it on a tank that is getting hit by the next heavy hitting attack, or they are low HP to boost their survivability so you can heal them up easier as they are now taking less damage for 6 seconds.

Holy Guardian also works extremely well on tanks who are on add duty as it reduces damage taken by 40%.

If you are running 2 priests in one raid, please coordinate with your co-priest to rotate these together for different mechanics. I.e, you can use it on the first add spawns, and the other priest uses them on the next one, and so on.

And again, do not use this on a single dps who is failing to dodge mechanics. Save it for when you need it, and throw it on your tank. Or in extreme cases, your co-healer if they cannot survive any other way for some reason.

Hymn of Light

Hymn of Light is your Ultimate skill, it is your Strongest heal but also on the longest cooldown.

This skill should only be used on mechanics where you know you are going to be dealing with very high raid wide damage. Or if your party has failed mechanics and taken too much damage to survive the upcoming mechanic.

Good examples of this would be; Merfolk King Shaman Bubble AoE, Synthesis Doctor add + aoe spam, and Arch Druid 2nd phase AoEs.

If you know a fight has these mechanics, do not waste this skill on healing something you can heal with your other skills.

With Light Harmony casting Light Healing reduces Hymn of Light cooldown, and with the Hymn Light+ passive you can reduce this skill’s cooldown even further to make sure you can have it up for heavy damage mechanics.

This is your Ultimate skill, use and think of it as such. Good planning and usage will allow you to completely reset tricky or bad situations as you can heal the entire raid alone.

Note; You cannot move or jump while casting this so make sure you don’t need to dodge anything for the next few seconds. The worst thing you can do is cast Hymn of Light, move and not even start the cast. The skill goes on cooldown the moment you tap it.

If you just started casting Hymn of Light, your raid needs healing and you are going to get hit, DO NOT MOVE. You can easily take a hit or two while casting Hymn of Light as you will heal right back up again. It is better to keep casting and heal your party than stop and dodge something that would not kill you.



This will give an idea on what you should be focusing on when building your Priest.

We will go more in depth later on in the guide and detail every talent, where they excel at and why you should be using them.

Click to enlarge…

  • Green – Must have Talent for Prayer Priest. These are the Core of your Build and should be picked Always.
  • Yellow – Pick these if you have more points left over, also important Talents for building your class.
  • Orange – These are very situational. Will go more in depth below to when you could pick these. Has value in some scenarios.
  • Red – These should not be picked at all, your Talent points are best used elsewhere.

Detailed Explanations

Amp. Recovery

Directly heals towards allies who have Recover heal for more.

This is a decent Talent to pick as most content you will do has AoE damage. And it has good synergy with your Inscribed Stone Skill as it will apply to everyone who has Recover.

Good talent for boosting scenarios where heavy AoE healing is required. And a good buff to keep on your main tank all the time for increasing healing received.

Prayer of Light

Critically healing with Prayer grants a 6 second increased healing buff.

This is your main heal buff talent. When casting prayer continuously on allies that are NOT 100% hp you will keep the buff 24/7 thus increasing your overall healing for every other skill.

Crit Specialization

Increases base crit rate.

Everyone has this by default in the healing spec.

Light Mastery

Increased crit rate.

This talent boosts your crit rate but not by a huge amount.. Take it at least at 40 when you start stacking more crit to reach the passive cut offs.


Base healing and healing over time increased for Recover

Same concept as above but with a weaker effect. The talent only increases Recover on its own. Still has decent synergy for heavy AoE healing with Inscribed Stone Skill. And for keeping Recover on your main tank.

Avatar of Light

When light wave is active, heal crit chance increases.

As Light Wave is one of your main skills, and a lot of synergy for this skill exists, it will allow you to heal for more when you crit. With Light Wave being up most of the time due to Prayer synergy to reduce Light Wave cooldown on Cast.

Light Harmony

Increases Light Healing heals, and every Light Healing cast reduces Hymn of Light cooldown.

This talent boosts the healing for your strongest skill as well as reducing your ultimate cooldown. It’s a must have in Every Build.

Swift Guard

Everytime a holy wing lights up, Holy Guardian cooldown reduces.

This talent is fairly important as both Recover and Light Wave generate Wings, as well as your Mighty Wing talent. Having Holy Guardian up often will make clearing raids a lot easier as the damage reduction buff is very strong and some bosses deal a lot of single target damage to the tanks. Combined with Wide Protection Passive you can reduce the damage taken for your entire raid more often.

Holy Radiance

Everytime Prayer crits, there’s a small chance to apply Holy Radiance to the target.

Passive level increases with Crit % up to 6 times boost. This is fairly straightforward. You need to build your Crit % stat up to gain this talent. For every Crit % step this talent gets stronger. You don’t need to spend any points towards this as you will gain all the levels naturally when you get better gear and stats.


Swaps Prayer with Oracle.

We DO NOT use Oracle, ever. If single target healing balancing changes, I will update this. But as of now, DO NOT use Oracle.


Increases healing to targets with less than 35% HP.

You will very rarely see people under 35% HP in PvE. Even without this talent healing past 35% is fairly quick and this talent does nothing above 35%. If you are doing PvP however, this talent is a must pick.

Chain Blessing

After every 3rd Prayer, increases healing for Prayer.

With the new single target healing and Prayer scaling changes they have made, Prayer heals for very little on its own and is mainly used as a synergy tool for the other skills. This passive only increases the healing for Prayer, nothing else. Thus should not be taken ever, you can use your points elsewhere.

Oracle Shield

When Oracle crits, target gets a damage reduction buff.

We DO NOT use Oracle, ever. If single target healing balancing changes, I will update this. But as of now, DO NOT use Oracle.

Sacred Sound

When Recover crits, change to apply Holy Radiance to the target.

Not a great talent, you can use your points elsewhere. This talent relies on Recovery and landing a Critical heal. Upon which it grants the target a stack of Holy Radiance which will heal for a fairly small amount when the target gets hit.

Light Wave+

Increases Light Wave healing and converts expiring Light Waves to a small AoE heal.

As we can have Light Wave up very often, increasing its healing is a very good pick. This talent also converts the Light Wave to a small AoE heal to nearby allies. A small Light Healing if you will. It also applies to Every Light Wave you have placed on the ground.

Divine Oracle

Oracle casting time reduced when Divine Blessing is active.

We DO NOT use Oracle, ever. If single target healing balancing changes, I will update this. But as of now, DO NOT use Oracle.


Increases Prayer healing and has a chance to reduce Light Wave cooldown on every cast.

This is one of your main Synergy talents that is a Must pick for Prayer builds. It is not much for increasing Prayer healing, but it is mainly for reducing Light Wave cooldown as with this talent Light Wave will be up most of the time.

Fast Recovery

Increases Recover tick speed and every Recover cast reduces Light Healing cooldown.

Passive level increases with Cooldown % up to 2 second cooldown reduction per cast. One of the best passives to have as every Recovery cast reduces your strongest skill’s cooldown. When you reach rank 3 you will reduce Light Healing CD by 2 seconds every Recover cast. You get this by gaining Cooldown % stat. You don’t need to spend any points towards this as you will gain all the levels naturally when you get better gear and stats.


Increases Oracle crit rate and healing.

We DO NOT use Oracle, ever. If single target healing balancing changes, I will update this. But as of now, DO NOT use Oracle.

Wide Protection

Grants Holy Guardian to all nearby allies with a smaller %.

This passive converts holy guardian to an AoE guard skill, however with a smaller % than the selected target. This has good synergy with Holy Guardian+ as it will apply the healing for everyone, but reaching that talent takes some time. So right now this passive is not a high priority unless you are struggling to keep the party alive during AoE heavy fights.

Holy Guardian+

Increases Holy Guardian duration and grants a heal over time to the target.

Passive level increases with Omni % up to 30% of ATK heal per second. This passive is a good addition to Holy Guardian especially for fights where there is constant heavy damage that might be difficult to deal with otherwise. WIth Wide Protection passive the heal will apply to the entire party as well. For this you need Omni % stat which is fairly hard to gear early on, but you will gain enough to get Rank 3 once you get decent gear after 40. You don’t need to spend any points towards this as you will gain all the levels naturally when you get better gear and stats.


When Divine Blessing ends, it heals the lowest hp ally for a small amount.

Honestly not a great talent but a good addition to Divine Blessing as Divine Blessing does not heal targets that do not get hit. Apart from the Initial cast heal. Take it if you have points and the fight is single target heavy.

Hymn Light+

Increases Hymn of Light healing and reduces its cooldown.

If you know a fight is AoE heavy, take this every time. This talent gives a good buff to your ultimate and reduces its cooldown. This works great with the Light Harmony passive as well to reduce the cooldown even further. In Raids such as Aslow this would be a good pick as it is heavy on raid wide damage.

Mighty Wing

Critically healing with direct healing spells have a chance of lighting up an additional Holy Wing, and increases Divine Blessing healing.

In most raids, the damage bosses deal to tanks can be very threatening to Priests especially due to our overall low single target healing capabilities, this talent allows us to use Divine Blessing more often and increase its healing at the same time. This is an amazing addition to the spec as Divine Blessing has the potential to be the Best single target heal in the game. Especially in Raids where there are multiple adds and tanks are struggling on survival.

Hymn of Baptism

Hymn of Light makes targets receive more healing for 10 seconds.

Same as above, direct synergy with Hymn Light+ as the very first pulse of Hymn of Light will already proc this on the target, increasing the healing for every pulse afterwards.

Crit Damage Specialization

Increases base crit damage by 10% upon reaching 40.

Everyone gets this when they hit 40.

Sample Builds

Using 32 Talent points available


Click to enlarge…


Click to enlarge…

Inscribed Stone







Gear & Stats


Click to enlarge…

Accessories & Gauntlets / Gloves / Rings

Click to enlarge…

Helmets & Boots / Badge / Shoulders & Capes & Belts

Click to enlarge…

Note: Try not to stack the same aptitude on all pieces. Mix them up.


  • 4 Prayer / 3 Recover / 4 Light Wave has more value than 11 Recover on your gear.

If you are unlucky and do get the same aptitude more than what would be optimal, that is alright as long as it is not Orange or Red.

Try to aim for Green on all pieces, or mix Green and Yellow to ensure there are less of the same aptitudes.

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