Zenless Zone Zero – Piper Character Guide

Guide to Piper

Quick Overview

  • Rank: A
  • Attribute: Physical
  • Specialty: Anomaly
  • Faction: Sons of Caledon

She’s all about spamming slashes to mess up enemies with Attribute Anomaly. Just hold down the special attack button and watch her go ham with spinning slashes. The longer you hold, the stronger they get, and her charge level goes up too.

Max out that charge and keep holding to trigger her EX Special Attack. It’s sick. Plus, she gets a power boost that cranks up how fast she builds Physical Anomaly on enemies.

Basically, Piper’s a beast if you can keep those slashes going. Get good at timing your holds and you’ll be wrecking stuff left and right with all that Anomaly buildup.

Additional Ability

Synced Acceleration

When there are other Physical Agents or Agents affiliated with Sons of Calydon in the squad, and when Piper has 20 or more stacks of Power, all squad members’ damage increases.

Core Skill

Hold the Special Attack button to trigger Special Attack: Tire Spin, and Piper will start slashing all around her. The charge level of the move will gradually increase while held down, up to 2 levels.

If the skill is used after the first 3 hits of a Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter, the increased charge level will quickly activate.

With enough Energy and Special Attack: Tire Spin at its highest charge level, continue to hold down to launch Piper’s EX Special Attack. Upon hitting an enemy, she gains a stack of Power. Each stack boosts Piper’s Physical Anomaly Buildup Rate.

Ultimate: Hold – On – Tight

Piper rapidly spins, unleashing powerful slashes at enemies in a large a ahead, followed by a downward smash, dealing massive Physical Damage.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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