Evil Genius 2 – Specialist Minions Guide (Side Stories)

Guide to Specialist Minions

I’m going to start by do the Cover Operations side story first. I’d like to be able to have Agents visit my Casino and find nothing suspicious.

Cover Operations

I’ll destroy my network and then scout the area the Valet minion I need to kidnap is in.

I’ve kidnapped the Valet and I have over 5 minutes remaining, so I’ll do a 3 minute – 10k scheme while I’m here. I’ll then destroy this network.

Now I’ll build the Valet Trainer and train 15 Valets.

This gives me 20k gold as a side story reward and some much needed items for the casino.

I’ve setup a simple 1 way system around my casino.

I have 10 items that can be used by the Valets, so I need 10 Valets. I also want half that amount again for redundancy. That’s why I’m training 15 in total.

This is what I call ‘The Deception Gauntlet’

You can read more about this Gauntlet style setup in the Casino guide.

Now it’s time to do the side story for the guard. Remember to claim any bonus objective rewards.

Amass Muscle

I’ll setup a new network in whichever area I can kidnap the guard.

Over 6 minutes remaining on the FOJ event, so, like before, I’ll do a 3 minute – 10k scheme, then destroy this network.

Now I’ll build 2x Guard Trainers and train 12 Guards.

I need to kill 3 pesky investigators with my new guards. They’ve sent 5, I’ll kill them all.

This gives me another 20k gold as a side story reward and some security items.

Having been rewarded with the security items I can now place a guard table, a security desk and a couple of cameras in my non suspicious corridor.

I’ll kidnap the Technician next for another 20k gold.

If It Ain’t Broke

I’ll setup a new network in whichever area I can kidnap the guard.

Over 7 minutes this time, so it’s the 3 minute – 10k scheme again.

I’ll just build 1 Technician Trainer for now and I’ll train 3 technicians as that’s the minimum to complete the side story.

Once the Technician Side Quest is complete, I’ll build a hospital and expand the lockers.

Now it’s time to kidnap the scientist.

Big Picture Thinking

As usual, it’s a new network.

Only 4 minutes remaining, so I’ll just destroy the network.

I’ll build 1 Scientist Trainer and train 1 scientist for the side story to be complete.

I’m also low on funds so I’ll setup a network in Australia and use the other network to finish the scouting optional missions.

I’ll then build a research room for a single scientist and train another for redundancy. This ends the Specialist Minion side quests.

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