Hunt: Showdown – As The Crow Flies: How to Get Event Points

Want that juicy Plague Doctor skin, well there is still time.

Guide to Get Event Points


There are still 8 days left before the event’s completion, so hopefully this will help for the grind that is getting 2000 event points.

What to Do in Game

So there is really one basic rule, avoid other players like the plague! Time is money, or in this case points, so if you hear gunshots go the other way.

When a match starts, I like to go to the nearest compound, and collect a clue for an occasional free 2 points. After that I check the map and make a quick planned route in the blacked out regions of the map, which by the end of the match will land me near an extraction.

Once you have your route, then all you really need to do is thoroughly check compounds from top to bottom, looking for any totems and points you can scavenge like the rat you are. Even if players have been at a compound before, most of the time, they only check the clue area and miss out on the rest of the compound, so still check top to bottom for any points around. And of course it goes without saying that you should be shooting every murder of crows you see with poison arrows from your hand crossbow (talked about in Character Build).

If the first compound you check has the boss, then with your sticky bomb (talked about in Character Build), use it to lower the boss’s health by 3/4 and finish it off in under a minute for some free quick points, but DON’T BANISH as then every bloodthirsty player will be coming for you, instead just leave the corpse for another lucky player.

I typically, in any match, get anywhere from 30 to 50 points (I once got 53 points in a game this way), which is a substantial amount more than when I was playing normally, averaging around 15 to 20 points in a good game.

Character Build

As someone who has completed the grind, what I did was focus on solely collecting point, which unfortunately is necessary for the huge task ahead. However, there is still time to finish it if you act quick.

For the character build, I recommend taking free characters as they are free obviously, and will save you some cash. As for weaponry, I recommend taking:

  • Winfield M1873C Silencer with High Velocity Ammo.
  • Hand Crossbow with Poison Bolts.

The Hand crossbow is a necessity to be able to take out any crow cluster you come across. As for the Silenced Winfield, not only is it viable option if you happen against other players (especially with levering), but it also allows for quiet long-shots of any totems or crow statues you see off in the distance.

For tools, I recommend:

  • The Knuckle Knife.
  • First Aid Kit.

The knuckle knife for help for dealing with AI and the first aid kit for obvious healing.

For Consumables, I recommend:

  • Vitality Shot.
  • Sticky Bomb.

The vitality shot again for obvious healing, but the sticky bomb is important too as if you ever by luck have the first compound you check have the boss, using the bomb can take away 3/4 of the boss’s health, allowing you to finish it in under a minute for a free, easy 3 or 6 points. Just don’t banish as then you will have every bloodthirsty player in the game coming towards you.

As for traits, Levering can help if you wish for dealing with other players as you are slightly disadvantaged due to the load out. Other than that, Beastface helps you get closer to crows without startling them and any stealth traits would be useful to remain undetected by other players.


Overall, keep in mind that this may not be the most fun way of playing, but it is efficient , and if you want those 2000 points, it is unfortunately necessary.

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