Hunt: Showdown – Traits Tier List (0.6)

A general tier list for Hunter traits, describing traits you might want to pick up if you play competitively.


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Hunters Trait Tier List Guide

In Hunt: Showdown you have a plethora of options to customize your play style. Traits are a very important factor in the decision process.

Each hunter higher than tier 1 will come packing one or two traits. These are randomized but within the limits of your currently unlocked, level bound, traits. If you wish to add more traits to your hunter you will first have to successfully engage in combat, be it either PvP or PvE, and survive to tell the tale. This will net you upgrade points which can be exchanged for either repairing suffered damage to your hp pool, or traits.

As of current the game sports no less than 34 traits. Some of which are only beneficial if the hunter is carrying specific weapons. This means these traits will be weighted against the usefulness of carrying said weapon before being placed in one of the tiers. Not all traits are equally expensive, meaning this too is weighted in its usefulness. Keep in mind the tier list is subjective as there currently is no access to any API to read out statistics.

High Tier

S+ Tier

The S+ tier describes traits that are clearly too strong and should always be picked up. I personally think there are no S+ traits currently present in v0.6.

S Tier

The S tier decides very strong traits that are useful in almost every scenario and offer good flexibility/value for the investment. 

Beastface (5 UPs)

Beastface allows players to approach much closer to environmental hazards such as crows, ducks, hounds and crippled horses before they start alarming other hunters of your location.

This is a huge benefit as it effectively allows Hunters to traverse the map much faster and safer than other players. This, in turn, allows experienced hunters to sneak up to noisy ones with greater ease and speed. Especially in the beginning of the game you get to leverage this aggressive strategy.

Due to the flexibility this trait offers it should always be considered an early pick up. It’s an edge you don’t want to miss out on.

Greyhound (4 UPs)

Greyhound is a very straightforward trait that offers a lot of bang for 4 upgrade points. When hunters run out of breath an icon indicating so will appear in the lower left corner; this implies your hunter will have to walk for a while or suffer a considerable speed reduction. Greyhound delays this debuff by a lot. Even though I have no concrete numbers the difference is very noticable.

This trait is, much like Beastface, very flexible. It allows you to traverse the map faster, and run past AI controlled units with great ease. Due to the advantage being so large this also means you can catch up with hunters who gave away their location much easier. Greyhound is a very good trait for almost every hunter.

A+ Tier

A+ tier traits are traits I consider to be very good. Not quite as flexible as the above tiers they do still offer a long of value for the investment and should always be considered when you have spare UPs. 

Fanning (7 UPs)

As a classic single action skill fanning is one of the more expensive traits, but offers incredible value in conjunction with large internal magazine. It turns your pistol in a very inaccurate full auto, allowing you to finish off almost any wounded target at close range with ease. It is also very useful to finish off bosses faster than other players would be capable of. Because it is so much easier to use than any shotgun, and can even be used to some effectiveness at mid range fanning is definitely a trait worth its price if you like pistols.

In combination with the Caldwell chain pistol you have yourself a real menace on your hands.

Physician (2 UPs)

This trait is great in a clutch. It significantly increases the bandage speed, which allows you to quickly heal and keep moving. The real reason it is so great is because it costs only 2 UPs and because the medic kit is being run by practically every player. This is definitely a trait you will always want to consider(if you use a med kit).

A Tier

The A tier describes what I would consider strong talents that are partially situational, but could be a great advantage if they match your needs

Doctor (8 UPs)

One of the two most expensive traits in the game. Doctor offers a very considerable advantage over those who do not have it, if you decide to run a med kit. When selecting Doctor you basically turn your med kit into a triple large syringe(but slower, unless you have Physician as well).

With rifles like the Lebel and Vetterli being quite common in the current meta you might find yourself thankful you picked up this trait more than once a game.

Gator legs (1 UPs)

Gator legs is another very straightforward talent. It is useful in many games and offers a decent advantage when wading through deep water(which happens surprisingly often).

It is by no means a flashy trait – but for only a single upgrade point you will want to keep this trait in the back of your head when spending UPs. It serves as a situational mini-greyhound trait for only a single point.

Pitcher (5 UPs)

Pitcher walks in a very thin line between A and B tier for me, as it is quite expensive with 5 UPs. The advantage is not very situational, as most hunters run at least 1 grenade of sorts and it works on throwing knives and oil lamps too. The latter makes it easier to kill certain bosses(especially the Spider). It is an excellent tool when using grenades and sieging someone who is fortified in eg a barn.

Overall a good trait, but a bit pricey. If, however, you are a big fan of using throwables this is your trait.

Lower Tier

B Tier

B tier traits are either situational or simply inferior to above tiers. Traits in this tier can still be excellent traits if they match your needs. 

Determination (3 UPs)

Again a very noticable buff. This trait is too situational and play style dependent to ever reach a higher tier. It allows you to regenerate stamina faster, which is used to perform melee attacks. Good use of this trait will definitely come in useful when clearing mobs quickly.

Simply for a lot of players prefer a stealthier/more passive approach this trait really depends on the hunter.

Iron sharpshooter (5 UPs)

Another situational trait that is also quite expensive. It allows you to trail your target much easier if using a bolt action rifle. Because both bolt action rifles, namely the Nagant and the Lebel 1886 are popular and strong rifles I think this trait belongs in B tier.

Due to the nature of these rifles, and when you want to use them preferably(mid range) the trait does naturally come in useful.

Salveskin (2 UPs)

This trait really depends on your needs. Fire is very commonplace in Hunt, and fire damage is also a well known infliction. Fire damage can not be healed directly, and is thus very useful for temporarily crippling other hunters. Salveskin mitigates this problem to a considerable degree.

It is definitely not useful in every single game, but a welcome precaution.

C Tier

C tier are generally sub par or very situational traits. These traits should be considered with caution unless they very specifically suit your play style

Bolt thrower (5 UPs)

This trait suffers two disadvantages: it caters to an uncommon group of weapons that are quite hard to use(experienced players will prefer taking weapons that can just head shot foes) and doesn’t compliment the actual weapon too well. From my experience you will want to cripple the hunter with a crossbow shot, then finish them off with your secondary. Due to this the talent falls a bit by the wayside.

The difference is noticable however – if you prefer to use your crossbow all the way. I would however only consider ever picking this up if the hunter is already a very high level. This trait is also a very likely candidate to switch tiers upon v1.0 with the bullet speed changes.

Quartermaster (8 UPs)

This trait experienced a huge fall from grace after the introduction of medium weapons, and the trait being nerfed. The reason this trait sees so little play is because many hunters decide to avoid the medium weapon class entirely and run alternatives such as a pistol with fanning.

It really depends on your play style however – but for a whopping 8 UPs you might want to very carefully weight this option.

Bulletgrubber (6 UPs)

Applies to the Specter, Mosin-Nagant, Bornheim No. 3 and Dolch 96 variants; to quote the wiki. This makes the trait situational albeit useful on rather popular meta guns(Dolch, Mosin-Nagant). It will save you in a favorable scenario 3 to 5 bullets per game, which is usually not a very noticable advantage as none of the related weapons use special ammo.

It does however make the above weapons more flexible, and serves as a good precaution when using one or maybe even two of the applicable weapons. 6 UPs is, however, a very steep price(you could get both Greyhound and Physician for the same price, for example).

Bulwark (6 UPs)

Bulwark is a very good trait that does too little and is too situational for its investment cost. This trait can single handedly save you from a dynamite stick, but does little when faced with a bundle or even large bundle.

Unless dynamite becomes completely rampant this trait remains a bit too expensive for what it offers at 6 UPs.

Rubbish Tier

Below C Tier

These traits are traits you should consider last, if at all. They are either way too situational, do not compliment the meta or are too expensive. In this class I will only describe a few notable and/or funny ones

Adrenaline (4 UPs)

This is a very fun trait that will very, very occasionally save you when running away. It refreshes your stamina, and removes the speed reduction you’d normally face when running for too long.

The trait is completely outclassed by Greyhound with its 4 UPs price.

Packmule (3 UPs)

You occasionally play with or against someone who uses this to carry additional grenades.

In 9/10 cases this trait is pure excess, and it is quite expensive too.

Vulture (2 UPs)

The trait that should obviously be 1 UP but isn’t. It has no effect on burned out bodies either. Making it both very situational as well a bit silly as it offers you no direct advantage during fighting. Occasionally you will get some goodies from previously looted bodies with this.

It is a fun trait that isn’t usually worth it at 2 UPs.

Hornskin (6 UPs)

Does not in any way compliment anything. This would be useful if hunters would go about hitting people with the butts of their rifle.

It is a pointless waste of 6 UPs otherwise and a prime example of a bad trait.

Steady hand (5 UPs)

Works for literally 1 pistol that happens to fall in the unpopular medium class also.

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