The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to Consistently Reach the Final Floors of Repentance

Ever reached that locked door in the Depths, but didn’t have a way to get out of the Mom fight to reach that door? Don’t fret, let a weeb loser point you in the right direction.

So How Do You Do It, Ya Donkey?

Just thought I would make a quick guide regarding a way for people to consistently reach the Dogma/Beast boss. No clue if anyone has already done this, but hey, if more people know, the less runs will be wasted. Obviously, massive spoilers.

In the Depths II (or Depths XL) floor where you fight Mom, there’s a door that requires a Polaroid to unlock, and in order to even unlock it, you need to teleport out of the boss room, since once you enter the Mom boss fight, they’ll be no door to take you back.

In this floor, there will ALWAYS be a marked skull (coloured slightly darker, and with a small x on it), which when destroyed, will always drop the Fool card, which when used, will teleport you out of the room. Here’s an example of the skull (the one in the middle):

Find the skull, bomb it, get the card, then make your way to Mom, beat her (and maybe also grab an extra item from Boss Rush if you were fast enough), then teleport out. Unlock the door, and bingo. Ya did it, kid.

The marked skull will always give you the Fool card, so don’t worry about it giving you anything else.

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