Hunt: Showdown – Guide to Vaulting Through the Bayou

A guide showcasing the usefulness of vaulting and jumping in Hunt: Showdown. With spots that will help you traverse the map better, or give you an advantage against other players.

Vaulting and Jumping in Hunt: Showdown


Before reading this guide, I would recommended mapping vault and jump to separate keys on your keyboard. It helps a lot when attempting some of these, and will also help general gameplay. I personally use V for vault, and Space for jump. When vaulting, you should be holding your forward key at all times.

Warning: Hunt desyncs very hard sometimes, and especially when you have higher ping. Some of these will be super inconsistent but are still possible when after a few tries. For some context, I play on US West servers from Canada and have 80 ping constantly and can do all of them after a few tries.

This guide is sorted alphabetically, with each area being sorted most useful to least useful.

I provide both text/image guides & video guides for every vault/jump.

Text Guides

Text guides will include a brief description of where to go, and the path to take. With the provided images, I have highlighted the path with corresponding colours.

  • Green – Start Point
  • Red – End Point
  • Blue – Walk/Run
  • Yellow – Jump
  • Cyan – Vault
  • Orange – Crouch

Video Guides

Video guides will be a short video showing the area, and the path to take with the vaults/jumps included. No voiceovers will be included.

Lawson Delta

Arden Parish

Starting in the front room of the main building, go up the staircase and stop at the landing. Look to your right and you will be able to vault up on to the bookshelf, and vault again over the railing to end on the second floor.

Starting on the north side of Arden, you can cross the water a little faster than going to either bridge by running up the railing and jumping on to the roof, and jumping again to land on the plank that is hanging over the river.

Blanc Brinery

Staring on the lower roof of Blanc, closest to Lawson. If you walk towards the next roof where it goes into a balcony, you can vault onto the roof closest to the ventilation looking object.

Starting on the west side of Blanc, between the tower and the outer wall. There is a little box you can jump on, from there jump onto the metal pipe and stay crouched. Look over to your left at the edge of the lowered roof. Then vault onto the roof.

Bradley & Craven Brickworks

Start on the southwest corner of the boss lair in Bradley. There will be a spot in the wall that is broken. Face the broken spot then run towards it and jump. Holding jump may help. Consistency may vary.

Start on the east side of the main building, and look towards the most east wall that is broken. You can ramp up that and vault, then look at the small metal roof and vault that and you can get on the roof from the east side. If you do not know already, you can get on the roof from the west side.

Start on the west side of Bradley. Near the center of the long building will be a pile of boxes. You can jump up the boxes then vault onto the roof of the long building.

Start on the north side of Bradley outside the compound. You will see a pile of branches/logs piled up on dirt. You can run and jump onto the middle most branch, then onto the straight-most one towards Bradley, and from there jump to the wall/roof.

C&A Lumber


Fort Carmick

Start at the southeast side of Fort. At the right side of the entrance will be some broken wooden fences you can climb on. Jump onto the little edge on the right most side of the fence; Then onto a post sticking up. Jump from the post to the long wooden plank and walk along it till you reach the end. Look to the right and vault onto the wall.

Staring on the north-west side of Fort, you can see a red side room to the main room. On the north side of this room is a window. If you get up onto the boxes closest to the window, and look at the bottom left corner of the window, you can vault through.

Godard Docks

Start by the dog/chicken pen in Godard. There will be a portable toilet with a barrel next to it. Take caution while doing this. Jump onto the barrel and walk towards the portable toilet, your character will walk up the wooden stick a bit. Then jump onto the portable toilet, look right and vault onto the roof.

Golden Acres

Start on the south side of Golden. The shack with a bell in front will have a box you can jump on. Walk onto the 2 barrels next to the box and vault over the fence.

Hemlock and Hide

Start in the center of Hemlock. On the south side of the burning pile of bodies will be a wooden barricade you can stand on. Face the east roof and walk towards it then vault.

Iron Works

Start on the east side of Iron by the stairs below the large tower. Run onto the broken wall at the top of the stairs. Walk along it till you reach the edge of the roof then jump ontop.

Lawson Station

Start on the south side of Lawson on the walkway. Face east at the top of the stairs. You can run and jump onto the outer wall.

Maw Battery


Nicholls Prison

Start in the north wing of Prison. When in front of the butcher boss lair, looking to the right you will see another platform. Running at that platform from atop the stairs you can make a precise jump over to the platform.

Start in courtyard of Prison. There will be a spiral staircase leading into the south wing. You can go up half way and jump onto the outer wall.

Salter’s Pork

Start on the north side of Salter’s boss lair. There will be a hay bale you can walk on. Look to the left slightly and vault the first hay bale, then look to your right and jump up to the next one. Lastly vault onto the roof.

Start on the northeast side of Salter’s by the large sliding gate. Off to the right will be a box you can vault on. After vaulting onto the smaller box vault to the bigger one then walk to the leftmost side, and vault onto the long roof.

Sweetbell Flour


Windy Run


Wolfshead Arsenal

Start on the south side of Wolfshead by the red metal gate. You can run up the right side of the gate onto some barricades. Look left then vault onto the cage.

Stillwater Bayou

Alain & Son’s Fish

Note: The window must be broken beforehand.

Start on the west side of the main Alain building. Underneath the stairs will be pile of boxes surrounded by a railing. Hop onto the edge of the lowest box in the center of the pile, then jump to the box to the right. After that jump up onto the center of all the boxes and wait a bit. (Your character may desync) Lastly strafe jump into the window.

Alice Farm

Start on the north-west side of Alice by the carriage. There will be a stack of hale bales next to the ladder that leads into the second floor of the north-most building. Walk into the corner and jump up onto a little ledge. Look to your left and vault up.

Starting on the south side of Alice, when looking the main compound near the red gate, you will see two big boxes. If you jump into the corner of the box and gate wall, hold forward and left, and look to your right to vault onto the box. You can then jump onto the gate, vault over the mid-wall, jump to the hay bales and finally jump onto the roof.

Blanchett Graves

Start on the south west side of Blanchett near the wall. This spot is covered by trees. Its the only trees growing along the wall. Run up and vault.

Starting in the Blanchett tower, you can get down quicker without taking fall damage. You catch yourself on the ledges along outside of the tower (Shown from the top of the tower in video).

Catfish Grove


Chapel of Madonna Noir


Cyprus Huts

Start on the southeast side of Cyprus outside of the compound’s fence. There will be a mini tree stump sticking out of the ground, run over the stump to get a height boost and vault over the fence. This can be done from either side of the tree, video has both angles.

Darrow Livestock

Start on the north west side of Darrow, there will be a large hay bale stack near the side door to the main building. You can walk onto the hale bale then jump to get ontop. From here jump to the little overhang on the door and proceed to jump onto the main roof.

Start on the south side of Darrow near the wood transfer. There will be a stack of hay and barrels next to it. Jump onto the barrels then look right and vault onto the hay bale. From there you can vault onto the roof.

Davant Ranch

Starting inside the butcher boss lair, looking north you will see the staircase leading to the loft with some hay bales. Looking out the window, you can hop onto the barrels to the right, then jump towards the window to land on the wood. Crouch through the hole and you’ll be outside.

Healing Waters Church

Start in the north side of Healing, in the area with the graves. Looking towards the barn you can vault onto a stone structure, and look to the right towards the church. Look at the first grave and vault onto it to either get on that roof or just get into Healing without alerting crows.

Start on the south-west side of Healing, you will notice a single small grave between some taller ones with a shovel, you can jump onto the post, and then vault onto the grave to go over the wall instead of running around the entire wall.

Starting on the east side of Healing inside the main courtyard, look at the outer wall entrance, with the boxes in front of the gate. You can jump onto the middle box, leading to the box on the left and the one above that. Then jump over the gate.

Lockbay Docks


Pitching Crematorium

Start within the walls on the north side of Pitching. There is an area below the platform that everyone stands ontop. At the northern most side of this area is a wall with bricks running along it. You can run up the bricks and jump to the top platform.

Start on the ramp south east in Pitching. There are boxes at the bottom of the ramp that you can jump over to avoid the oil at the base of the ramp if its ever on fire.

Port Reeker

Start on the eastern balcony of the main red building in Port. There will be some barrels above the ladder, you can jump from the barrels to the platform across.

Reynard Mill & Lumber

Start on the log stack near the dog/chicken pen south side of Reynard. You can run along it and jump across to the even taller stack of logs.

Scupper Lake



Start on the west side of Slaughter by the cornfields. Right below the windmill is a stack of hay. Run into the fence then swing right and jump onto the hay.

Start on the east side of Slaughter by the crouch spot in the fence. Run onto the pile of pigs and look left slightly at the metal pole sticking up, then vault.

Stillwater Bend

Start at the south west side of Stillwater near the dog/chicken pen. There will be hay bales next to the building with a sliding door. You walk onto the broken wheel barrow and look right, then vault onto the hay bales.

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